Be bothered by the noise or consider it a lullaby?

It’s all about perception. Neighbor across the street asked what all that racket was the last 2 hours. I told him it was the neighbor behind me putting his privacy fence back up, And he’s doing it about 30 feet from where I sit. My doors and windows are wide open so I can hear every screw go in and every hammer blow yet I am not bothered by the sound as he is. To me the sound represents him getting his life back on track and that inspires me that my power will soon be on and I can do the same. In fact I’m about ready to fall asleep in my recliner and I find the sounds very soothing. Maybe that’s because my dad was a carpenter and there was always something being built so that’s a soothing sound for me. Anyway it’s all about perception we can choose to let things bother us or we can just go with the flow. Signed, a loud snorer.

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