Having the power can be a heavy job

Until my power is restored, I have an extension cord run from my neighbor’s home to mine. It’s attached to a power strip where I hook up a fan, a lamp, a phone charger. During the day when I’m in the living room, I have the cord in there. At night when I go into my bedroom, I unhook the fan and the lamp and haul the giant orange 50 foot extension cord with me to the other end of the house. When I wake up and go into my office, I pick the big cord up and I carry it all in there. Since I’ve been doing a lot of yard clean-up and raking post-hurricane, I’m aware of how heavy the power cord feels because my arms are kind of tired. But I don’t have a choice if I want power in each room as I go about my day and night.  I reflect that though sometimes I get tired of hauling the power around with me, it beats the alternative and having no power at all. So when you’re feeling worn out and worn down from having to be the one responsible for the power in your life in every single moment, remember what an honor and blessing it is to have access to it at all.
***And yes that’s a metaphor (isn’t everything?) and no I’m not just talking about electricity 🙂

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