Hurricane Matthew rebooted our consciousness

storm-changes-youIt’s hard sometimes to recognize when your prayers are being answered, isn’t it? That’s because we’re being answered in ways we didn’t expect.  Lotsa folks saying they want to shake up their life, they want a new beginning, just wake up and have it be a new day and start fresh. They seek a new perspective or a spiritual reboot.  It seems Hurricane Matthew has been a great catalyst for both this week for some of us.  Shaken out of our habitual routine by having no power, by having no wifi, no internet access, no running water, by water and gasoline not being readily available, we are forced to look at who we are without the overlays we’ve grown comfortable with. If we take these as the soul lessons they are and contemplate the thoughts that arise in the silence, we will be guided to thoughts and ideas that will allow us to lead happier lives, answer all our questions and gain deep fulfillment.   

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