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A writing gig out of the blue — but it’s never out of the blue

smiley girl-72Happy dance, I just got a gig with a favorite writer! I work with several author friends the past twenty years, and the jobs are often unexpected. I’ve never queried for a writing contract, it’s always been word of mouth or someone coming across something I’ve written and wanting to include it in their own project.  Friends ask how to get into free lance writing and I honestly tell them I have no idea. It’s the same with publishing: I had zero experience when I began. All I did was focus on doing something I enjoyed doing, and I woke up every day and did it.  And I may think I’m writing on one topic, for one purpose, and it may end up being morphed into something completely different years down the road.  I never cared to be an author.  Authors under contract become booksellers.  I want to write, not sell books. So I write for me and it doesn’t matter if anyone else reads it or wants to buy it. But if they do, who am I to say no? Once again, it’s true: built it and they will come.  Do it for YOU and then watch the offers pour in.

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No astral entity can survive without your attention to it

Important to remember that no astral being can survive and hold place in your consciousness without your attention to it. If you have no emotional attachment to it, it will leave your experience. That is because the astral plane is where our emotions live. If we let unwelcome astral thoughtforms hold center stage in our awareness, it puts us on a hamster wheel of nonproductive discontent. Being unfulfilled and dissatisfied is one of the hardest nightmares to awaken from. Nothing has taken over your mind and your thoughts. It’s simply that you’ve chosen to allow yourself to keep thinking every thought that comes in your head. Steer your thoughts in another direction. Make the choice to change your focus to a better feeling thought and do it every time the unpleasant thoughts come up. Soon enough they will stop coming up and you’ll be living a different life.

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I took the weekend off!

road tripI actually took the weekend off.  Saturday we took a spontaneous day long road trip.  We drove along the Indian River heading north and then down AIA along the Atlantic Ocean on the way back home.  It felt good to get out of town and act like tourists.  This morning, my first job was to sleep late, then go to the gym. Afterward, I ran by the man’s house and put several bags of mulch down around the transplanted turk’s cap and arbicola bushes out front.  His yard has great sunshine all day long and with the rain, everything is growing like crazy.    Continue reading

Today my only goal is to take a stroll down Feel Good Lane

Today my only goal is to take a stroll down Feel Good Lane. Nothing feels as good as having my thoughts focused intently on something enjoyable. Nothing. It’s empowering to know I am in control of where to focus my thoughts. And I can change the direction of my focus in this very moment if I choose to.

Getting in the right state of mind is like foreplay; it begins way in advance. I envisioned it and they built it around me.

sunrise 72 indian riverI sleep in stages. I’ll go months with erratic sleep and then spend many hours a day for weeks sleeping at odd hours, catching up on my REM.  It’s heaven when that happens, but it plays havoc with my social life.  My  personal life revolves around my sleep/work schedule.  Sleep comes first, since when it comes, I surrender to it.  Work comes second and I do more work than any two people I know. I have many irons in the fire, and each is maintained by a little attention on a regular basis. My work is not hard, it just requires sustained focus while in the right state of consciousness.  Getting in the right state of mind is like foreplay.  It begins waaaaay in advance.  To entrain myself into that state of consciousness, there are several things I do.    Continue reading

I trade the giant couch for a perfect winged back chair

couchMercury helped me stay goal oriented and productive today. I moved out a giant couch I’d bought a couple of years ago, as it was taking up way too much space in the living room. I like to rearrange my furniture too much to have any one piece be too large.  Plus I like a lot of space between my molecules, and the more sparsely furnished my rooms are lately, the better I like it.  With the couch gone, I cleaned the living room floor, then did some editing and design work, sold 2 ads and 3 subscriptions, and did some billing. After a nap, I ended the day hanging out at the pool with the man, floating on my noodle. I had crispy, crunchy oven fried eggplant for dinner. Later, sitting on the new floral wing chair galpal Pam traded me for the couch, I was hand stitching a kirtan pillow when I heard a big crash from the back office and Benny the Cat came flying out, looking guilty.  He’d jumped up on a shelf that held altar items and knocked them and a lamp over. Nothing was broken. I turned in early, my goal to deliver mags to Melbourne and Cassadaga in the morning.  I love an early start!

I can make it easy or I can make it hard

panda predix yr in chargeWe may not be able to control which thoughts pop into our mind, but we CAN control which thoughts we allow to stay. As soon as I notice I am thinking an aggravating thought, I have the choice to stop my self-talk midstream and pivot to a better feeling thought.

Holding a Vision for the Downed Power Line on Summer Solstice

Last night about 8pm, after lots of lightning, the power went out. It was off for about 10 minutes when we drove a block away to the bf’s house to turn off his computer so it didn’t run down the battery. On the way, we ran over a downed power line stretched across the road. I called it in to 911 and we watched as emergency crews responded. I didn’t want to deplete my phone, otherwise I’d have live reported it on Facebook as it happened. A fire truck responded within 10 minutes, and four patrol cars within another 10. It had stopped raining by the time the two FPL trucks arrived 20 minutes after that. At 8:45 pm the sun was setting and they had the big giant search lights playing on the tall Australian pine trees, where a downed branch had torn down the line. Continue reading

I Get Smart. A Smart TV, That Is.

smart tvI bought a “smart” tv today. Youtube was one of the things I wanted a smart tv for. YouTube has a lot of instructional videos and right now I’m into watching art lessons and workout shows.  I asked on Facebook “I bought a new smart tv, how do I get it to stream from my iPad or my laptop? What do I need for it to do that?”  The problem was I was asking the wrong question. I asked how to stream data from my iPad or laptop to the new tv, so that’s what everyone answered.  My question should have been, “How do I watch YouTube videos on my new smart tv?”  The answer would have been “click on the app.” But I didn’t ask that.  I didn’t know I was asking the wrong question.  So I spent several hours today unnecessarily involved in info gathering. Continue reading

REM sleep rocks!

Insomnia sure puts a dent in my festival of sleep. I’m always answering one more email or making one last edit and then end up crashed in the living room rather than just going to bed at first yawn. Then, as now, at 3:00am, contemplating which of valerian root, melatonin, coffea cruda, Calm’s Forte or GABA might let me sleep the most effectively today. On the plus side, with insomnia, I always have the time for yoga, meditation, creative visualization and working out. On the other hand, REM sleep rocks! I’ve been catching up on sleep. I had interesting dream, Tony Bennett singing Bob Marley’s Exodus in true Tony Bennett fashion. I love Tony Bennett, but this was just disturbing. Then I was handed my weekly paycheck for $11,538.47. As soon as I opened the envelope, the amount was displayed on large screen tvs that surrounded me. I wrote the amount down as soon as I woke up. I wondered what my tax implication for the year would be on $600k. Thanks REM sleep.