Holding a Vision for the Downed Power Line on Summer Solstice

Last night about 8pm, after lots of lightning, the power went out. It was off for about 10 minutes when we drove a block away to the bf’s house to turn off his computer so it didn’t run down the battery. On the way, we ran over a downed power line stretched across the road. I called it in to 911 and we watched as emergency crews responded. I didn’t want to deplete my phone, otherwise I’d have live reported it on Facebook as it happened. A fire truck responded within 10 minutes, and four patrol cars within another 10. It had stopped raining by the time the two FPL trucks arrived 20 minutes after that. At 8:45 pm the sun was setting and they had the big giant search lights playing on the tall Australian pine trees, where a downed branch had torn down the line.

Earlier yesterday, I’d gone to the bf’s and pruned the bottom branches of several big oaks. That gave us a great view from his driveway to watch the action unfold. He was more interested in shutting down his computer, so I stood outside under the umbrella and took the time for some prayers and visualization. I know the importance of being a vision keeper when I see situation unfolding in front of me. I know several elders in the neighborhood and knew they’d be nervous about the power being out. Having been through the hurricanes of 2004, they knew it was possible for the power to be out for a week. Those of us on a well and septic system knew we’d have no water, since electricity powers the water pump. That means no toilet flushing or water running in sink or shower until the power is back on. That is a real inconvenience for some.

But I knew it could be over quickly. I knew it could be resolved easily enough and so I kept bringing that to mind. Doing this is part of my spiritual practice. I began breathing in the situation and breathing it up to God, then breathing down God’s peace into the scene. This is adapted from a Buddhist form of meditation. It’s been said that when just 1% of the population meditates upon peace and lovingkindness, the effect spreads to the other 99% – and it works even if they don’t believe it. I knew my centered-ness could hold the space for others around me to tune into. I brought to mind all the things I’d say to them if I were sitting with them: The problem had been identified and they had two crews working on it. It’s possible to have the job done and power on in just a few hours. The night air was cool, so it was comfortable without the a/c. Some might miss their Saturday night tv show, but it was late enough to go to bed, knowing power could be on by morning. There was nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be nervous about. These were the thoughts I brought to mind as I contemplated the scene before me.

My experience is if even one person could contemplate the scene and have faith in a successful outcome, that could entrain the consciousness of everyone who was aware of it. I wasn’t the only one holding the vision. The Florida Power & Light workers had faith it was an easy fix. The Palm Bay Police and Palm Bay Fire Rescue had faith in the capable hands of the power company. In my visualization, I took in the knowledge that the situation was under control, that there was nothing to be worried about. I exhaled gratitude that the power company did not have to work in the pouring rain. As I extended my spidey sense around the neighborhood, I felt a peace settle over us, as gentle as the light rain drizzling down.

I was surprised by how light it was outside even at 10:30pm with a clear sky and no moon. The bf’s house is the opposite of mine. I’m under complete shade and when the power goes out, even at noon, my rooms are dark. His big windows all look out into the yard and all his walls are light colored. With windows open to the cool 73 degree night air, the light outside, coupled with the white walls inside, reflected enough light to see each other in.

At 2:58am the power came back on. The fun adventure was over! I had a dream kinda like the one last week –> I take GABA and get lost in a dream where my purse was missing. In the dream, I’d been in a friend’s local store at a class and one minute my purse was there and the next it was not. I went from friend to friend asking if anyone turned it in and no one did. I didn’t feel anyone stole it, but wanted to get my phone back. In the dream, I also thought about getting home to call in the credit cards. I found the purse in a public telephone booth I’d forgotten I used to call the bf to pick me up. That was when the power came back on and I woke up.

I thought, how interesting that I’ll have dreams where I think something is lost but it’s not, and where friends are unable to assist me; yet in real life there is help everywhere from everyone, before I even need it. Yay for me for attracting that!

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