A writing gig out of the blue — but it’s never out of the blue

smiley girl-72Happy dance, I just got a gig with a favorite writer! I work with several author friends the past twenty years, and the jobs are often unexpected. I’ve never queried for a writing contract, it’s always been word of mouth or someone coming across something I’ve written and wanting to include it in their own project.  Friends ask how to get into free lance writing and I honestly tell them I have no idea. It’s the same with publishing: I had zero experience when I began. All I did was focus on doing something I enjoyed doing, and I woke up every day and did it.  And I may think I’m writing on one topic, for one purpose, and it may end up being morphed into something completely different years down the road.  I never cared to be an author.  Authors under contract become booksellers.  I want to write, not sell books. So I write for me and it doesn’t matter if anyone else reads it or wants to buy it. But if they do, who am I to say no? Once again, it’s true: built it and they will come.  Do it for YOU and then watch the offers pour in.

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