I took the weekend off!

road tripI actually took the weekend off.  Saturday we took a spontaneous day long road trip.  We drove along the Indian River heading north and then down AIA along the Atlantic Ocean on the way back home.  It felt good to get out of town and act like tourists.  This morning, my first job was to sleep late, then go to the gym. Afterward, I ran by the man’s house and put several bags of mulch down around the transplanted turk’s cap and arbicola bushes out front.  His yard has great sunshine all day long and with the rain, everything is growing like crazy.   

I topped the two pink oleanders on the back property line, so they will bush out over the summer, giving privacy.  The rain began just as I was finishing up.  Perfect timing!  The rain made it cool enough to open the windows and doors. We lounged around and watched several episodes of Naked and Afraid while keeping an eye on YinYang and Benny the Cat.  They are getting used to each other. Benny hissed a few times.  He was clearly feeling naked and afraid. We wondered how long we’d last in the jungle with no food, no water, no supplies, and only our own survival skills to keep us going.  We figured maybe 3 days.  The bf doesn’t even walk barefoot, so I think 3 days might be optimistic… I’d be grumpy with no insect repellent or fan overnight. We snacked on red pepper jalapeno hummus with celery sticks, crispy eggplant with romaine and tomato salads and blueberry vanilla cinnamon agave slushies for dessert. I updated a friend’s website and at as it nears sunset, I’m ready to crash.  I love a day like today.  I love a weekend like this. I wrote when I woke up this morning:  Today my only goal is to take a stroll down Feel Good Lane. Nothing feels as good as having my thoughts focused intently on something enjoyable. Nothing. It’s empowering to know I am in control of where to focus my thoughts. And I can change the direction of my focus in this very moment if I choose to. Today my only goal is to take a stroll down Feel Good Lane.