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Every Day Magic Adds Up

Trungpa Rinpoche notes, “Our lives awaken through ordinary magic.” It’s in everyday things that the miraculous happens. If we practice being here now, we develop the sensitivity to perceive and appreciate the daily miracles of our lives. Ram Dass

If I want to be free of a situation, I must first love it as it is

never doubt copyI was once irked that an ‘interloper’ had appeared out of nowhere and brought drama into my neighborhood. I knew I’d attracted it. I knew there was a reason I had to have it literally right in my face. I also knew that the longer it irked me, the longer it’d be there.  I know that if I want to be free of a situation, I must first learn the lesson from it, and I must love it as it is.  As soon as I remembered that, I went on a bomb-with-love campaign. I meditated on the feeling of love, that we all seek love and connection and we feel joy when we find it. I blessed the situation and all of us. I did that as a daily practice as I did my daily healing bench sessions. Then I eventually stopped thinking about it. The second I released resistance, they moved.

Learn the alchemy true human beings know. The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open –Rumi

The magically delicious corner of the Universe I live in

Yay, free of my cold, I can breathe and feel like I have a new lease on life.  I spent most of the day compiling third quarter financials for my tax chick and drove them in to her about 5pm.  As I arrived home, I noticed that although I’d dug up and given away a dozen 6-feet tall loquat saplings in the last two months, I saw three more that could go.  Earlier this year, I’d gone on a planting spree, and hadn’t expected all of the saplings to survive.  Although I weeded out every other tree in the line, I noticed today there were three more being crowded. I dug them up and placed them in pots at the mailbox for a friend. I smiled to see what a wall I had growing: a hedge of turk’s cap, eleagnus and bamboo. With the line of loquat trees, it was beginning to look like a fortress and began to feel confining. The last few months I’d been disassembling bamboo fences to open the views up again.  My yard is pretty well hidden from street traffic. I like to have sitting areas where I see no other houses, only trees and bushes and gardens and woods and the scampering critters. It’s a daily healing for me, sitting in nature. Continue reading

Ah, just like old times ~ with an upgrade

upgradeI’m getting over a cold and every day my head is getting a little more clear. I’ve also been releasing old programming during this Mercury retrograde and feeling layers of emotional weight drop.  I am feeling free and clear. The thing about feeling free and clear is that it’s easy when you’re clear to review the past objectively and learn from it. I’d been living in my small contained world, happily isolated for many years.  I  attracted a situation which tested my ability to maintain composure under pressure. It showed me who I am when I feel pushed to the limit and I learned a lot by studying my emotions and reactions. At the time, I’d had several clients going through the same scenario in their life and I’d asked  “how does someone get in a situation like *X* and not realize it? Why is it such a surprise upon realization?” The Universe answered for me in a way that threw me into their scenario and let me learn from it firsthand. Ah, I see. I now have greater compassion and understanding that I could not have book-learned. Instant upgrade!

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Today’s Fresh Veggie Score

produce It’s been a week of buying lots of fresh vegetables to make healthy meals and snacks, especially soups now that the weather is cooling down.  I like soup combinations like red pepper and winter squash with  sweet potato and kale, or winter squash with plaintain, zucchini and chickpeas. Today at the market I scored fresh celery, Rome apples, parsley, an almost ripe plaintain, 2 giant red peppers, 2 zucchini, 2 yellow summer squash, a fat eggplant, 2 limes and 3 lemons.  I’ll be roasting the veggies to use atop salads, rice, potatoes, in burritos, mashed into dips for pita points and tortilla chips.  Oh, and broccoli to make my fave Asian Spiced Lowfat Broccoli Salad.  Simple fresh foods can be such a feast when we appreciate them.

I just mowed my neighbor’s yard for her

girl_mowing_grass_girlI just mowed my neighbor’s yard, since I share the view. It’s been 3 months since it was last mowed. When I saw the Code Compliance truck driving by, I thought, heck, let me just do it for her right now.   It took all of 30 minutes. Now the yard is done and may not need it again until March.  I figured she could use a break, it’s been a hectic year and she’s had no help at home. Then I remembered it’s her birthday, so to honor her solar return and in the name of fresh new beginnings, I chanted a cleansing prayer and a blessing around the property as I mowed, to clear old energy and make way for the new.  Blessed be, indeed. You’re welcome.  It’s my honor, for rizzle.


what you loveHeavenly Father/Mother God, thank you for whatever I did to deserve the good You’ve blessed me with in this lifetime.  I have no regrets whatsoever.  If I died this moment, it would have all been worth it. I love and am loved.

I know the power of my attention, do you?

Most of us have no idea of the power of our attention. Whether an object, a person or a situation, my attention to it breathes life into it, it activates it, it expands it, it amplifies it. When I gain power over my attention, I can be very powerful indeed.  Life improves the more connected and allowing I can be. As I attune myself to the finer frequencies, and train my senses to be more acute, more aware, able to pick up the subtle nuances of energetic flow, my life gets easier and I am more in the flow with many good things.   It’s all a matter of focus and attention. And I’m the one who is in charge of where I maintain my focus, how intensely and for how long.  You know that friend you have who always is so happy to see you, who gushes over you and makes you feel like the most loved person on the planet? The power of their attention causes you to expand into more of who you really are. Their attention causes your beliefs to stretch and become flexible, to allow in other possibilities, to access greater potential.  Or that furry friend that greets you morning and night, always thrilled to see you, delighted by your attention! Seek out the people who activate and expand you and test it for yourself.  Let the ones who contract you fade into the background. Then turn your attention back to the people around you, and know the power you have when you turn your positive attention on them.

My spidey sense lets me intuit proximity

I don’t always get to choose which psychic impressions I get.  With some friends, the spidey sense is heightened and being in the same proximity activates it – whether we want it or not, like when paranormal activity is triggered by the unfocused energy of children and pets. Most recently, 2011-12 was a year of spidey sense and synchronicities. A friend and I became very in tuned with each other psychically. I could predict a day ahead of time the changes in his work schedule and when particular people would knock on the door the next day. It was a weekly occurrence. I’d know via coffee and cigarette cravings when he was stressed. I don’t drink coffee nor smoke cigarettes, so those were not my cravings.  As a psychic medium, part of the job is deciphering what is mine and what is not.  Often it is the client’s emotional response and their cravings and bodily aches I feel during our session. I can feel the energetic tension of connection between us.  When the person is gone, the bond would fade. I’d feel free of it.  It’s tangible. I wrote in 48 Hours I Think I Got My Wish that “a friend has been wanting a new home and I’ve been holding that vision for him.  My spidey sense tells me he found it.”  I could tell because when I pass his house, the energetic tension is suddenly gone. Although we’d not talked for 6 months, I was still aware of his vibe simply because of his location. Nothing had changed from outward appearance, but there’s no longer a feeling of connection as I drive past.  I feel free of it. That’s always a clear indicator for me. I’m happy for him, I’m happy for me, to know the spidey sense was strong between us when he lived close, and to know that I won’t be waking up craving coffee and cigarettes anymore. Everybody wins!
If I want to be free of a situation, I must first love it as it is
Ah, just like old times ~ with an upgrade
A peaceful end to a roller coaster ride

You don’t need to invoke Kali to fight a foe, simply send out what you want to receive back

kali-indian-goddess-face-23609647Hmmm a friend said they “invoked the wrath of Kali” to “get back” at someone… WTF? Isn’t it easier to take responsibility for what you attract, and for the consequences of your previous actions? Isn’t it easier to stop reacting and only send out what you want to receive back? If you did nothing else but that your entire life, oh how wise and what a fun life that would be.  Spiritual brother Jesse Rogers wrote: I am sure Kali was thrilled to be invoked, she was probably just sitting around doing nothing just waiting for the opportunity to go off on someone for the benefit of a single individual who can’t take care of things themselves. People really need a good dose of what symbology actually is, they take things to heart way too much and never truly understand that most things are just place holders for your own personal emotions and energy.
Andrea: I usually first invoke my own memory if I can’t immediately realize what is coming back to smack me and why. It seldom takes long Continue reading