I just mowed my neighbor’s yard for her

girl_mowing_grass_girlI just mowed my neighbor’s yard, since I share the view. It’s been 3 months since it was last mowed. When I saw the Code Compliance truck driving by, I thought, heck, let me just do it for her right now.   It took all of 30 minutes. Now the yard is done and may not need it again until March.  I figured she could use a break, it’s been a hectic year and she’s had no help at home. Then I remembered it’s her birthday, so to honor her solar return and in the name of fresh new beginnings, I chanted a cleansing prayer and a blessing around the property as I mowed, to clear old energy and make way for the new.  Blessed be, indeed. You’re welcome.  It’s my honor, for rizzle.