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Two breath meditation techniques

A friend emailed me:  “I almost feel like I need to start out basic and breathing and meditation… not spend alot of time on it as most people know about it but you never know when a new comer might not even understand meditation and how important it is… not only for relaxing the mind and body and releasing stress but also to connect and communicate with our guides and spirits….   “

I replied: “Yes you are right. I find that most people are insecure about the way they meditate anyway, even those who have done it for years.  And I always mention that, so no one feels stupid for having attended meditations for years and still aren’t sure what they are supposed to be thinking about while their eyes are closed, and after the guided part is over and they are in the silence.  Meditation is like sex, everyone talks about it but few actually experience it as they tell others they do. Continue reading

Meditation to meet your guide

There are any number of ways to meet your guide, this is a technique that I use, but it is purely visualisation and intention, which takes your consciousness to the level required to see and communicate with your guide. This is a suggestion, and I hope it gives you ides for ways that you can comfortably develop.

First, I select a comfortable meditative position.
Slowly start to relax and breath deep into the pit of your belly.

As you relax further listen to any internal noises you may hear (ringing, whooshing or even drum beats) Continue reading

Domino doesn’t realize the reason she is stalled in her life is because it’s all related, every area of her life

A session I had recently was an extreme example of something that happens all the time.  Domino initially asked for a psychic reading to ask about a new business and business partner.  That was all she wanted to know about, she said. As her story unfolded, it was clear she needed some basic understanding of how the Universe works, how we attract things to us that we want and how we begin to clear up the past.  “I’m doing everything the marketing gurus tell me, ” she said, “and still business isn’t picking up.  Every dollar I make goes right back out again to pay mounting bills.   I pay more to life coaches and psychics each month than I pay for food. None of them are helping.”  Now she’s been approached by a potential business partner who says he can get income flowing in right away.  Her question was, can she trust him to do what he says he can do?  I told her when you work with someone, you take on their financial karma as well as your own.  At this point, it is unlikely she will attract who she wants to attract because she’s not in vibrational resonance with it just yet. Continue reading

Don’t let your glitter get stuck

spiral glitter wandI have a spiral glitter wand in a holder on my desk, filled with glycerin and multi-colored glitter. When I turn it upside down, the glitter slowly drops to the bottom, making beautiful shapes as it does. Sometimes the glitter gets stuck and I have to shake it up to get the air bubble to the right place so it can rise again, freeing the glitter to fall. I feel like that myself sometimes too. My glitter gets stuck and I have to shake it up to get it flowing again.

At a distance you only see my Light, Come closer and know that I am You. ~ Rumi

I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours…. In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness. ~Henry David Thoreau

All that is needed is a little meditativeness, a little silence, a little love, a little more humanity

No armies are needed, no weapons are needed, no nations are needed, no religions are needed. All that is needed is a little meditativeness, a little silence, a little love, a little more humanity… just a little more, and existence will become fragrant with something so totally unique and new that you will have to find a new category for it. ~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Why I seldom commit to things in advance anymore

I just missed an opportunity to car trip out of town for a few days with a pal. This is what I get for refusing to commit in advance… Oh wait, for refusing to commit in advance, I also never have to break a commitment when I don’t really wanna do something. That’s a fair trade if you ask me. I never mind when someone cancels at the last minute. I know what it’s like to change intentions, and I never want someone to be where they don’t want to be. I’ve learned a lot about human nature. Despite RSVP, I will attract those who attend and seek what I have to offer, no more, no less.

“Please show me the better choice”

Does God answer your prayers? Of course. Are you listening, watching, being aware to notice the answer? God is not in charge of that. Will you be as grateful if God answers no or not now? Sometimes what we think we want is not in our long term best interest…my thought–if the answer is no, look closely at what was asked for and then ask “please show me the better choice.” Ganga Ma Dickinson

“I am your moon and your moonlight too. I am your flower garden and your water too. I have come all this way, eager for you, Without shoes or shawl, I want you to laugh, To kill all your worries, To love you, To nourish you.” Rumi