Meditation to meet your guide

There are any number of ways to meet your guide, this is a technique that I use, but it is purely visualisation and intention, which takes your consciousness to the level required to see and communicate with your guide. This is a suggestion, and I hope it gives you ides for ways that you can comfortably develop.

First, I select a comfortable meditative position.
Slowly start to relax and breath deep into the pit of your belly.

As you relax further listen to any internal noises you may hear (ringing, whooshing or even drum beats)

Imagine looking up and seeing a clear blue summer sky.
Feel the warmth of the sun heating you comfortably.
Hear the birds sing, and relax.
Listen to the wind gently blow, it may be blowing through long grass or a field of corn.
You slowly stand up and walk slowly through the field, feeling the comfortable heat of the sun.

You see a gate in the distance, walk slowly towards that gate.
Beyond the gate you see a wonderful stone circle, walk towards it.
You feel the peace of the area and so decide to sit for awhile.
You can choose to sit in the centre, or choose a stone and rest with your back against it.
Enjoy being relaxed in the sun, in your peaceful haven of your stone circle.

Imagine now a beam of red light coming from the heavens into the centre of the circle out to each stone and penetrating your being.

This is followed by an orange and then a yellow beam.
Relax and surrender to those heavenly lights.
A green and then a blue beam followed by an indigo and then a violet.
Each beam energising you and lifting you to a new level of consciousness.

Finally a white beam penetrates the centre of the circle, moving out to each stone and causing a cyclone of light which surrounds and protects you.
Each stone adding its own protective energy to the cyclone, it gets faster and faster, and lifts your consciousness out of this earth realm. A door of light opens a short way to your front where you see a silhouette, you ask that silhouette to step forward, and it does and stretches out its arms with love.

This is your guide and it comes and sits beside you.
Choose now to ask your guide anything you wish to and slowly gently await the answer.
You commune and converse with your guide for as long as you wish, there is no rush, there are no rules.
Eventually your guide has to go, but leaves you a small gift, something which is personal to you.
Take this gift and thank your guide,
Your guide slowly stands up and returns to the door of light, and disappears.

You lie a little longer, before returning to your home. Returning gently to 3D ensuring to ground yourself in this time and this reality, being thankful for all that you have experienced.


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