Domino doesn’t realize the reason she is stalled in her life is because it’s all related, every area of her life

A session I had recently was an extreme example of something that happens all the time.  Domino initially asked for a psychic reading to ask about a new business and business partner.  That was all she wanted to know about, she said. As her story unfolded, it was clear she needed some basic understanding of how the Universe works, how we attract things to us that we want and how we begin to clear up the past.  “I’m doing everything the marketing gurus tell me, ” she said, “and still business isn’t picking up.  Every dollar I make goes right back out again to pay mounting bills.   I pay more to life coaches and psychics each month than I pay for food. None of them are helping.”  Now she’s been approached by a potential business partner who says he can get income flowing in right away.  Her question was, can she trust him to do what he says he can do?  I told her when you work with someone, you take on their financial karma as well as your own.  At this point, it is unlikely she will attract who she wants to attract because she’s not in vibrational resonance with it just yet.

Although she wasn’t asking about relationship, I got flashes of  a former husband and I told her I saw unfinished business there.  She had many cords of energy going out, all toward that situation.  She said she didn’t want to talk about that, that it had nothing to do with her life now.   I had to let her know it’s all related, what she does and how she thinks and what she says in all other areas of her life impacts the creation process as well. You can’t hate your boss and criticize your co-workers and expect to find your dream job – it’s all related.  You can’t ignore your mother and be fighting with your sister and expect to draw in your perfect mate – it’s all related.  If you watch the news and get aggravated by it, that’s impacting your creation process and impacting your income.

What she left out of the equation is that she’s still legally married to a man she left five years ago and, thanks to her, they’d amassed a mountain of debt.  She doesn’t want to divorce him since he’s older and in ill health, although they haven’t spoken in years.  She figures she’ll get the house back when he passes, although my impression is that the home is also jointly titled with his children.  She figures all debt will just go away, not her problem.  “I don’t even think about him dealing with the bills,”  she says, “I’ll let the Universe take care for that for me.”

So far it seems it has been: the Universe has been spitting in her face, so some clearing up of her past is in order before moving forward.   Any business partner she might attract right now will reflect where she is vibrationally right now.  That is the momentum she’s got in place.  That doesn’t mean she has to hurry up and make a ton of money so she can pay him back to clear up their debt right now, but it does mean that she think about the matter and address the issue with him and come to some resolution about it.

If you’re stalled or tangled in any area of your life, just remember it’s all related.

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