Two breath meditation techniques

A friend emailed me:  “I almost feel like I need to start out basic and breathing and meditation… not spend alot of time on it as most people know about it but you never know when a new comer might not even understand meditation and how important it is… not only for relaxing the mind and body and releasing stress but also to connect and communicate with our guides and spirits….   “

I replied: “Yes you are right. I find that most people are insecure about the way they meditate anyway, even those who have done it for years.  And I always mention that, so no one feels stupid for having attended meditations for years and still aren’t sure what they are supposed to be thinking about while their eyes are closed, and after the guided part is over and they are in the silence.  Meditation is like sex, everyone talks about it but few actually experience it as they tell others they do.

ONE BREATH MEDITATION TECHNIQUE: I like the old “breathe in for 4 slow counts, hold for 4 slow counts, release for 4 slow counts, hold for 4 slow counts.”  That way I am not getting caught up in my mind keeping track of the counts.  If I’m busy counting a complex sequence, I’m not meditating.  I practice 10 minutes of breath meditation every day at least twice a day.

A SECOND BREATH MEDITATION TECHNIQUE:  Just sit upright and focus on your breath as it comes in and out of your nostrils, feel it on your upper lip as you exhale, and feel it being breathed up into your head.  Keep your attention in your head, don’t feel it in your lungs, keep your attention right at your nostrils on the outbreath and up into your third eye as you breathe in.  If you think a thought, catch yourself and put your focus back on your breathing.

It isn’t easy, at first your mind will wander about 3 million times a second, mostly telling you it’s bored.  Your mind knows you are throwing the reins on it and getting ready to break it in so you’ll be able to discipline it at will.  So when it tells you you are bored, let it know you are the one who is the boss of your mind, not the other way around.  Your mind is YOUR vehicle, the same as your physical body is.  YOU train it, YOU teach it to do your bidding.

Even if you feel nothing at first, just sit and put your time in.  You’ll know you’ve achieved contact when you can feel you’ve achieved contact. You will come to learn when a session is complete. Then sit back and watch your life as you know it change and the transformation begin.  If you need a few questions answered,  contact me, I’m glad to help.


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