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How does the psychic know where the body is buried?

I did a midnight reading last night that ended up being three people for three hours, not the one person/one hour I’d planned on. It was an interesting session to say the least.  It ended up being a group seance session with the three of them together in one room in California, speaking to me via speaker phone. I wrote on Facebook that I hoped the one who recorded it sends it to me or puts it up on YouTube, since it was a good one.  And no, I don’t mind that you recorded it without telling me **that’s cool** Sometimes people think they have to sneak and do things when, if they just asked, it wouldn’t be a problem.  I understand, though, and stuff like that doesn’t bother me.

Facebook friend Sharon Greene wrote: You knew where the keys were when no where else could find them, and the coins jewelry, how could you know those things when he (her great uncle) died and no one else knew where they were? Continue reading

Downloading the attachment from “the post office or UPS” will install malware on your computer

Emails purporting to be from the delivery company UPS or the U.S. Postal Service, claim that a package sent by you as the recipient could not be delivered. The messages instruct you to open an attachment to print out a label or an invoice.  I just received two emails purporting to be from the U.S. Postal Service, saying “Unfortunately we failed to deliver your postal package you have sent on (date)  because the addressee’s address is wrong.  Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.  Signed the united States Postal Service.”

WARNING: Opening the attachment will install malware on your computer.  NEVER OPEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS. when in doubt, go to and (in quotes) “type in a line of the text they sent you” so you can see who else has gotten the mail from them and what their outcome was.

Can you help me make the most of Linked In?

I signed on to check email this morning and had a dozen invitations from Linked In, so I went the the site to accept them.  I am not real familiar with the site and rarely go to it, so I wasn’t sure how to get everyone added.  When I saw a bunch of name suggestions, and I clicked to connect, I couldn’t be sure if what I sent them to them was an acceptance of their friend request, or if I was sending them a friend request.  I supposed I need to read up on Linked into see if it is anything I even need to be involved in.  Let me know what you use it for and convince me if you think it will benefit or Horizons Magazine. Continue reading

My experience moving my domain name from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy

In 2007, I acquired one of Microsoft Office Live’s free websites, which was good for 3 years and was set to expire next month.  I wanted to transfer the domain name away from Melbourne IT and place it with GoDaddy, with all my other domain names.  I sent an email on Friday and Saturday I Googled to see what experience other people had with them.  I found a website of Melbourne IT Customer Reviews and they did not look promising.  Reminding myself that their experience did not have to be mine, I waited to hear back from Melbourne IT.  A week later, they had answered all my questions, given me all my requested information and the name was transferred.  A good reminder that someone else’s experience does not have to be mine. Continue reading

Easy Transitions – how to make the most of your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond

In Make the Most of Every Decade, Sandra Gordon writes:  From crawling, walking and babbling to the angst and rebellion of the tween and teen years, children go through a predictable set of developmental stages. But stages aren’t just a kid thing. In fact, every decade poses its own predictable set of “normative tasks,” says Dr. Diane Finley, a developmental psychologist at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Md., and spokesperson for the American Psychological Association. That’s psychology speak for adult milestones. But this isn’t your mother’s straightforward life track. In the past, you got married and had all your kids by your late 20s, spent your 30s raising them and began seeing them off to college by the time you hit your 40s, which paved the way for the empty nest. Now, it’s more of a zigzag. You may be spending your 20s and 30s laying the groundwork for your career and not getting married and starting a family until your mid-30s or 40s or even later. That timing can shift your personal course of development and the life issues you’re dealing with, so can divorce and the fact that we’re living longer. Continue reading

Three Fall Equinox Rituals

RITUAL NO. 1 Preparing for the Fall Equinox

In nature, the Fall Equinox marks the beginning of the new year. While most of us have a different idea of when the new year begins, when we work with nature’s new year timing, we can definitely benefit. The Fall Equinox allows us to do this by moving us directly into the flow of nature’s energy in a conscious, formal and respectful way.  The Fall Equinox offers us the chance to clarify where we want to be headed, and to re-envision and re-energize our goals. It is in the moments of the Fall Equinox that nature puts forth the architectural structure for the coming year. When we actively join in this process, the architecture for our coming year is clarified and enhanced. Continue reading

Synchronicity Strikes Again

Yesterday I had an interesting synchronicity with a caller.  Lynn Thomas had downloaded my Connecting with the Angels mp3 file and the sound was so distorted she contacted me about it.  The voice was very whispery, she said, very hard to hear and almost scary sounding.  I’d never had someone tell me that before.  “Oh yes, that’s probably just Satan coming thru” I joked, “and well, you attracted it…”  We laughed and I told her I’d forward her email to my brother, the techy wizard, who would figure it out for us.  Then she went to play the mp3 file for me – and I prayed, Oh please let that work for her – and it did!  We both laughed.  We didn’t try to figure out why it happened.  We knew it meant we were supposed to talk to each other.  We spoke for about 20 minutes about there being no mistakes. We’re meant to connect. Now we just have to figure out what our joint mission is to be. I asked if she was on Facebook and also if she had a blog.  Not surprisingly, she does, at  As I read thru it to see what clues it held clues for our work/play together, I could see why we had to “accidentally” meet yesterday.  I wrote her and told her I’d like to use some of her articles in Horizons Magazine.
She wrote about our call at

Autumn! I open my windows and open my mind

Late yesterday afternoon it got cool enough for me to open all the windows and doors in the house. Doors?  Yes, I have screen doors and also burglar bars, being from Miami, so I never wonder if someone is going to wander in uninvited.  Not human anyway.  The raccoons and opossums are another story.  They think they can come right in the cat door and make a beeline for the cat food.  I can always tell when a raccoon has been inside: the cats’ drinking water is dirty from the coons washing the kibble in it.  Ugh!  The temperature on the news said 85 however my outside thermometer said 71.  Since I’m covered in deep shade with lots of woods around me, it stays cooler right here.  Just around the corner in the Publix parking lot it’s a whole lot warmer.  The humidity dropping to under 70% is the biggest factor.  If you haven’t been to Florida (or the Amazon), you can’t imagine what I’m talking about.  But now it’s cooling off! Continue reading

Don’t Burn Bridges. It’s not a big blowup, it’s just a bump in the road

A couple of friends recently had an experience that I wrote about at Before you hire a website designer. It’s important to know that all of us involved are friends and run in the same circles.  So it’s to everyone’s advantage to keep everything in the open.  We may be ticked at what Domino did creating the websites, but we remember it’s just a situation to be resolved and not a person to hate or gossip about or avoid.  I wrote to Domino just now: I just wanted you to know that even though yes I know Josie is unsatisfied with how the job is going, and even though I made the blog post at Before you hire a website designer,  this is just a bump in the road between us all and not the big loss of friendship or business for all time.

I have to remember you’re young and don’t have lots of life experience, so you may take things personally.  Don’t.  It’s no big deal. You have lots of time to suss things out with Josie so she doesn’t feel taken advantage of by the time the whole thing is over with. Continue reading