How does the psychic know where the body is buried?

I did a midnight reading last night that ended up being three people for three hours, not the one person/one hour I’d planned on. It was an interesting session to say the least.  It ended up being a group seance session with the three of them together in one room in California, speaking to me via speaker phone. I wrote on Facebook that I hoped the one who recorded it sends it to me or puts it up on YouTube, since it was a good one.  And no, I don’t mind that you recorded it without telling me **that’s cool** Sometimes people think they have to sneak and do things when, if they just asked, it wouldn’t be a problem.  I understand, though, and stuff like that doesn’t bother me.

Facebook friend Sharon Greene wrote: You knew where the keys were when no where else could find them, and the coins jewelry, how could you know those things when he (her great uncle) died and no one else knew where they were?

I’ve done readings with Sharon and her family for several years and we’ve had good success tracking and locating items together.   Hers was an excellent question. How could I know something that only one person knew?  Didn’t the info die with him? I believe all information is “out there” for anyone to tune into. I don’t know all the ways and means, but I don’t have to either.  Just as I don’t need to know how a transmission works in order to drive my car, I just need to know how to turn a key and step on a pedal.  So all I have is my own experience to go on.  In the case of information, I believe it’s because even if the loved one has passed over, their astral shell which I call the data base, is what I access, and if I ask the right questions, I get the answers.

I may ask, for a lost item, “Is it in this house? Is it on this property?” If I’ve got an address book, I can ask if the one who has it is in the book. I can ask them to spell names out for me.  I can use a map, a blueprint, I can ask to see the area highlighted or written on a chalk wall in my mind. I can ask for a silver cord to take me to it. There are a lot of options. And in my experience, the data base has all the info.

Like when my friend Michelle Whitedove was crownedAmerica’s #1 Psychic” by Lifetime TVShe proved her abilities on “America’s Psychic Challenge by locating 2 people in 2 challenges in record time.

For me, it all boils down to, can I ask the right questions and can I keep myself clear enough to hear the answer.  But then, that’s what everything boils down to, really, doesn’t it?

Are we asking the right questions and keeping ourselves free of outside noise from drowning out the answer?


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