Don’t Burn Bridges. It’s not a big blowup, it’s just a bump in the road

A couple of friends recently had an experience that I wrote about at Before you hire a website designer. It’s important to know that all of us involved are friends and run in the same circles.  So it’s to everyone’s advantage to keep everything in the open.  We may be ticked at what Domino did creating the websites, but we remember it’s just a situation to be resolved and not a person to hate or gossip about or avoid.  I wrote to Domino just now: I just wanted you to know that even though yes I know Josie is unsatisfied with how the job is going, and even though I made the blog post at Before you hire a website designer,  this is just a bump in the road between us all and not the big loss of friendship or business for all time.

I have to remember you’re young and don’t have lots of life experience, so you may take things personally.  Don’t.  It’s no big deal. You have lots of time to suss things out with Josie so she doesn’t feel taken advantage of by the time the whole thing is over with.

And I am not going around telling people the story.  I am not mentioning your name.  If someone asked me who was I talking about in the blog post, I’m not telling them.  I tell them, if you are deciding who to use to create your website, tell me their name.  If it’s anyone I know about, I’ll tell you what I’ve heard.

I’m still your friend. This is just one of those things that we have to do to keep honest people honest and free of karma they don’t need to be bringing onto themselves.  Friends help friends do the right thing so everyone can preserve their personal self esteem and professional integrity.  We’re building relationships to last a lifetime here, and that takes time, and bumps will happen along the way.

The people around you now will (for better or worse) bounce in and out of your life for the next 50+ years to come.  I didn’t learn until my 30’s not to burn bridges, so I had lots and lots of crow eating to do to clear my act up 🙂

It helps to remember that anyone in your life who rubs you the wrong way – or vice versa – for any reason – has been placed there by the Universe for a designed purpose.  And until you can be in harmony with them, they are going to pop up at the most inopportune times throughout the years. Like when you’re trying to get new business from a major client.  You don’t have to like them.  You just have to have made peace with them, and made right any past misunderstandings.

You’re a good guy, you’re smart, you’re savvy, you’re personable, you’re likable, you’re fun.  I have to remember you are young and may take things personally, may think things are more goofed up than they are.  I just wanted you to know this situation is not a horror story, it’s just a bump in the road.
###end of letter to Domino

This is good for everyone to know.  Don’t burn bridges.  It makes everything lots easier and more fun later on.

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