My experience moving my domain name from Melbourne IT to GoDaddy

In 2007, I acquired one of Microsoft Office Live’s free websites, which was good for 3 years and was set to expire next month.  I wanted to transfer the domain name away from Melbourne IT and place it with GoDaddy, with all my other domain names.  I sent an email on Friday and Saturday I Googled to see what experience other people had with them.  I found a website of Melbourne IT Customer Reviews and they did not look promising.  Reminding myself that their experience did not have to be mine, I waited to hear back from Melbourne IT.  A week later, they had answered all my questions, given me all my requested information and the name was transferred.  A good reminder that someone else’s experience does not have to be mine.

Since they had so many bad reviews, and I did not have a problem with them, I left my own review: “I saw my domain name with Microsoft Office Live was expiring and wanted to renew it, but did not want Melbourne IT to be the hosting server.  I sent an email asking how to transfer it to GoDaddy.  When I did not get an immediate response (it was a Friday afternoon when I first wrote), I Googled to see if anyone had a problem with Melbourne IT.  It seems several did and their reviews are online.

It took only a week for me to get all my questions answered (I had several) and also to get the authorization code from Melbourne IT so I could transfer my domain name to GoDaddy.

I have zero complaints with Melbourne IT.  It was not hard for me, as a non-techy, to follow the step by step instructions to get the authorization codes and registry keys from the website.

I am satisfied with Melbourne IT in my interaction with them.  I was prepared to lose the domain name if I had to – Microsoft Office Live gave it to me free initially anyway – and I was pleasantly surprised that they answered each question within 48 hours.”
End of my review.


Your domain name licence is your website name.

They will, send you an email with your Domain Name, your Registry Key, Your Expiry Date and your Notice Type. Keep this info.

You will follow the steps below to obtain your authorization code.

1. Go to:
2. The registry key can be sent to the e-mail address of the Administration Contact listed in our WHOIS database at
3. If the Administration Contact e-mail address is valid and you wish to retrieve the registry key enter the domain name and click Continue.
4. Select Registry Key and click Recovery Password

NOTE: If the Administration Contact e-mail address listed is no longer valid, you may request for the registry key to be sent to an alternative e-mail address.  To do this you will need to download and complete the form contained at the following URL:
a) .au domain name:
b) all other spaces:

1. Go to:
2. Enter the domain name and corresponding registry key
3. Under Domain Details is a link called Retrieve Domain Name (authinfo) Password
4. This link will allow you to recover the Domain Name (authinfo) Password

Online My Account Password Recovery:
If you have a My Account, you are also able to recover the password for My Account, please enter the My Account Username via

1. Go to
2. Click the Login / New Account link at the top Right corner of your screen.
3. Enter your My Account Username and My Account Password and then click Login.
4. The My Account console is displayed. You are now ready to use your Account.
Hint: Don’t forget to logout when finished.
5. Click the Manage Domain Names link under the Manage Domain Names section of the Console. The Manage Domain Names page is displayed with the list off Domain Names under your My Account.
6. Click the Domain Name as appropriate.
The Domain Management page of the Domain Name is displayed.
7. Under Overview click the link called View Domain Password (AuthInfo)
8. The Domain Name Pasword (AuthInfo) is displayed on the right hand side (above the Contact Details)

If you want to telephone (and possibly be on hold for awhile) you may contact them in Australia at 1300 654 677 or other callers at +61 3 8624 2300.

I suggest email.  You will only be able to send an email from their website.  You cannot respond back to the address they email you from Don’t freak out when the email comes back if you do that.  Just go to the website, email from there and give them 48 hours.

When you get the email saying go to this page (with a link) if you wish to REJECT the requested transfer to goDaddy, you would also go to the same page to ACCEPT it.  If you would like to expedite the transfer, click on the link within the email and it will take you to a page where you have the option to either reject or accept the transfer.  Click on the button, ‘Proceed with this Transfer’, and you will bypass the 4 day grace period before the domain name is to be transferred.

Easy and done.