Synchronicity Strikes Again

Yesterday I had an interesting synchronicity with a caller.  Lynn Thomas had downloaded my Connecting with the Angels mp3 file and the sound was so distorted she contacted me about it.  The voice was very whispery, she said, very hard to hear and almost scary sounding.  I’d never had someone tell me that before.  “Oh yes, that’s probably just Satan coming thru” I joked, “and well, you attracted it…”  We laughed and I told her I’d forward her email to my brother, the techy wizard, who would figure it out for us.  Then she went to play the mp3 file for me – and I prayed, Oh please let that work for her – and it did!  We both laughed.  We didn’t try to figure out why it happened.  We knew it meant we were supposed to talk to each other.  We spoke for about 20 minutes about there being no mistakes. We’re meant to connect. Now we just have to figure out what our joint mission is to be. I asked if she was on Facebook and also if she had a blog.  Not surprisingly, she does, at  As I read thru it to see what clues it held clues for our work/play together, I could see why we had to “accidentally” meet yesterday.  I wrote her and told her I’d like to use some of her articles in Horizons Magazine.
She wrote about our call at

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