Can you help me make the most of Linked In?

I signed on to check email this morning and had a dozen invitations from Linked In, so I went the the site to accept them.  I am not real familiar with the site and rarely go to it, so I wasn’t sure how to get everyone added.  When I saw a bunch of name suggestions, and I clicked to connect, I couldn’t be sure if what I sent them to them was an acceptance of their friend request, or if I was sending them a friend request.  I supposed I need to read up on Linked into see if it is anything I even need to be involved in.  Let me know what you use it for and convince me if you think it will benefit or Horizons Magazine.

New technology.  Isn’t the old story that the civilization of Atlantis was destroyed because they’d become too enmeshed in technology to the detriment of physical and personal interaction one on one among the people?  I know that Facebook is one place I go when I have a few moments and want to check in to see what my real life buddies are doing.  I don’t see that I can do that on Linked in.  At least I have not yet discovered how to.  I frankly haven’t even learned to navigate the tool bar, and nothing about the site or at the site has given me any compelling incentive to take the time to learn.

Kind of like when someone on Facebook posts a link to a website or video, with the line “You have to see this!” That doesn’t draw me in.  I don’t have the time to go to each site someone thinks is great.  If someone adds a line about one dog saving another dog crossing the interstate, I know ahead of time if that will interest me.  If it’s a promotional video for some new product to cleanse my chakras, let me know that too.  Give me at least one line of a compelling reason I can benefit from the link, or choose to not watch it.

If I’m really missing something by not taking the time to learn what Linked In is all about, please, illuminate me.  I’ve learned that dinosaurs become dinosaurs because they don’t take the time to keep up with new technology and social networks,.  Also because they don’t take time to learn what the younger generations are involved in, so they can continue to relate to them on a personal level, using their own language.

In my 40’s I went through my dinosaur phase, becoming stuck in my ways, a little narrow in my thinking.  It was also when I gained 60 pounds, to further wall me in to my own space.  Thankfully, a series of eye opening events in my 50’s brought me out of my rut, got me into new ideas and healthy eating, and dropped my extra weight.  I felt as thought I’d transitioned from being a dinosaur to a butterfly once again, flying free.

One thing that brings about progress is keeping up with the new technology.  Having the wisdom of past experience. Keeping open lines of communication between the generations. Acquiring the ability to express what you think and feel in a way that is understandable to all parties concerned.  Not just “oh this is great, this is fun,” but “this can expand our network of colleagues; this can help messages reach the mainstream though unconventional means, this is exactly what benefit I believe I derive from Linked In (or whatever) and this is exactly the service I believe I have that can help others, and this is what it can do for them.

Can you help me make the most of Linked In by telling me the benefit it brings you?

Thanks much