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Let’s Buy Valerie Saurer A House

I had a blast today with Valerie Saurer, a real life friend I met first on Facebook last year, who turned out to be a real find.  I’ve been running her Prosperity Project in Horizons Magazine each month and enjoy the insights at her blog: The New Book of Clues.  Last week she made a post on Facebook “I am joyfully and gratefully holding the vision of myself living in my beautiful new home. It has a huge kitchen with lots of storage, beautiful wood floors, a purple reiki room, and a huge screened in porch. It is nestled in a secluded garden filled with fairies and mango trees. I am happy there, surrounded by love. I hear laughter and singing among the wind chimes.” She posted a link to pics of the house and sounded so excited about it.  When friends are excited about something, that joins me in the excitement with them and I want to help them achieve it.  You’re the same, aren’t you?

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Intuitively Helping Myself

Yesterday I sat down to do my billing and got a pleasant surprise: I’d forgotten that I began the billing last week, as soon as I sent the February mag to the printer.  I didn’t want to send bills out that early, because I always want the advertisers to have the current issue in their hands before they get a bill for the next issue.  So, seeing that my job was half done – I was stoked!  Simply by forgetting I’d begun the billing earlier, I felt like someone else did half the job for me. Continue reading

I Get Reminders to Keep Eating Healthy – Deja Vu All Over Again

I see I wrote at Tummy Bug, I Can Control My Perception a post that almost mirrors this week’s experience.  Wednesday night I came down with a little tummy ick that had me down for the count for 24 hours. I think it was really the fact that I’d eaten too heavy rather than a bug, but then I had a fever and chills and sweats all night, so who knows?  The body does all sorts of things when it is ridding the body of toxins.  I also see at Getting to know how my body works that reminds me that I’ve been overdoing it with the Chinese food and chicken & rice again, too.  Hmmm, once or twice a year I see I’ve let myself do that.  I’m glad I blogged about it so I could have a record to learn by.

I find what works best for me is to keep my meals light, with maybe a hearty meal no more than twice a week, and not two days in a row, either. I have to remember that at my age and level of physical activity, I don’t need to have a hearty meal – ever.  That also means separating what I eat from what brings me emotional comfort.  I can’t just sit and mindlessly ingest snacks.  I have to remember that bread and rice moves through my system slowly.  I have to remember that if I eat bread or rice, 5 hours later it is still in my stomach.  That is something to remember if I am going to eat 5 hours later – that my stomach may already be half full even though I feel hungry. Continue reading

Goal Setting: How I Shoot Myself In The Foot

desk busy My boss is a real slave driver.  At it or on call 24/7.  Yes, I’m self employed, so how do I make it hard on myself?  Things such as: Not scheduling enough time for sleep, so a good night’s sleep puts me behind schedule.  Or, my biggest one, I set a goal for myself that I’ll do the billing on Monday and then I schedule other duties to be done the rest of the week.  So when Monday comes around and I choose to instead take the day off, now the pressure is on because the billing isn’t done and I need to move on to other chores first thing Tuesday morning.  Or so I tell myself.  I get so good at tricking myself into getting things done by deadline, that I can forget what’s a real deadline and what is just a flexible goal I set for myself.  I do that on purpose.

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The Healing Power of… Asparagus? Why Not? Brain Imaging Shows Beliefs Can Cause Biological Changes

asparagus soupThe other day I wrote in How to Get Lots Done Even When You Feel Low Energy that I’d woken feeling very lethargic, feeling as though I had 10 pound weights at my arms and legs, and like I was in slow motion, underwater.  Picking up the lawn sprinkler, it felt like it weighed 20 pounds.  Mentally I felt a little foggy but mood wise I felt great.  Every move I made exhausted me, yet I felt compelled to keep moving (and hydrating).  I also felt compelled, at the end of the day, to drive to the market for some fresh asparagus to make an asparagus and mushroom soup for dinner. I’ve learned to follow my cravings, it is my body talking to me.  I had a fridge full of food and felt almost too exhausted to drive, but felt compelled to run out for asparagus.  I made a beautiful light soup for dinner, a seasoned low fat chicken broth with mushrooms and spices and an entire bunch of fresh asparagus.  I nibbled the soup all evening and awoke the next day feeling completely restored to health. Continue reading

James Arthur Ray Defends Himself In Q & A by New York Mag

I keep of the track of the James Ray Sweat Lodge Matter since I get many requests asking about it.  I was reading at the latest Q & A with James Arthur Ray by New York Mag’s Michael Joseph Gross the press interview that Ray attended via phone with his attorney.  I’ll give you a few minutes to read the interview.

The info is a typical press release response to a public clamboring for him to address the matter.  His account differs from witness statements. He does does not answer any of the deeper questions, referring the questioner to the James Ray White PapersBut what caught my attention was his responses to the following questions: Continue reading

How to Get Lots Done Even When You Feel Low Energy

I got lots done yesterday, despite feeling kinda low energy and sloth-like all day.  I woke up feeling kinda like in a dream where your body is going slow motion, and objects are very heavy.  I didn’t know what it was all about, but the day before was the heaviest physical workday of the month for me, at the end of 2 weeks being nose to the grindstone, so I figured I needed to hydrate after all the muscle use, and that was making me feel sore and slow. Whatever it was, it lasted all day, so I ate light and didn’t go into the office Saturday as I had planned.  Day off! Continue reading

Clementine Oranges Prove We Don’t Have The Same Experience

Did you ever wonder why two people sitting side by side doing the same thing can have such different experiences?  A couple of Januarys ago, a friend and I were sitting in a sunny clearing in my woods eating clementine oranges.  We had a little basket of them between us.   Tony can be a real pouty puss sometimes, although he’s a really cool guy.  But he does seem to focus on things around him that are not going well.  So we’re sitting and eating the clementines, which I’d been buying all month.  He  complained that “these tangerines were good but they had so many seeds.”  Yet I’d eaten 2 dozen of them in a 2 week period with nary a seed.  He was getting seeds and I was not.  He was not fibbing; I saw him spitting out seeds.  So I hand him my clementine and take his.  He bites into mine and finds a seed.  I eat the rest of his with no seeds. We did the same with two more clementines.  So take notes that being a pouty puss pretty much guarantees you’ll come across seeds, even in seedless fruits. I SOOO know it’s about vibrational matching.  Yes, even when I am the one getting the seeds.  Especially then.

A Psychic Reads the Auras of the Real Housewives of Orange County. How the aura and energy field appear to me.

Last night I caught the Housewives of Orange County on Bravo TV and Vicki had a slumber party for the gals. As a surprise to them, she invites over psychic Dougall Fraser who gave them all aura readings. It was pretty funny, since everything he told them he could have learned on last year’s show.  Particularly comical was when he told Tamra she had “a blue aura, indicating truth and wisdom.”  Yes, Tamra who does nothing but diss and lie and connive. Of course, Tamra and Vicki, who invited the psychic, are best buds now and still ganging up against Gretchen.  The psychic of course had a caveat over the relationship Gretchen has now with Slade Smiley. Coincidence I guess since Vicki and Tamra don’t like Slade. Despite Gretchen saying she didn’t want a reading, Fraser had to play to the camera – and to whoever paid him – and give her a very public one. Gretchen has a point when she says in her blog “I don’t want to have someone instill doubt in me about a relationship or my future.” And I think it’s always amusing to hear anyone tell someone what their aura looks like, what color it is and what it means.  Don’t get me started on that. Continue reading

Keeping My Mouth Shut When My Neighbor Puts Leaves in Plastic

With the February Horizons having gone to press, this is the week I coordinate my drivers and distributors, and update all my addresses before the mag hits the streets next week.  I’ve got about 150 small stacks of mags that get mailed each month because postage is cheaper than paying a mileage to a driver.  Last year, the U.S. Postal Service changed their rules about mailing, and I had to get an imprint permit and start doing a bunch of paperwork each month.  They used to charge me $14.25 to come pick my job up. Now I have to separate by weight, sort by zone, count by zip code, and put into mail sacks weighing no more than 36 pounds per sack, and put the correct routing label – according zip code – on the mail sack itself.  That’s a lot of math.  But now I’ve done it for 5-6 months, I’m getting the hang of it and find it’s not all that hard to do, after all.  That happens a lot.

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