A Psychic Reads the Auras of the Real Housewives of Orange County. How the aura and energy field appear to me.

Last night I caught the Housewives of Orange County on Bravo TV and Vicki had a slumber party for the gals. As a surprise to them, she invites over psychic Dougall Fraser who gave them all aura readings. It was pretty funny, since everything he told them he could have learned on last year’s show.  Particularly comical was when he told Tamra she had “a blue aura, indicating truth and wisdom.”  Yes, Tamra who does nothing but diss and lie and connive. Of course, Tamra and Vicki, who invited the psychic, are best buds now and still ganging up against Gretchen.  The psychic of course had a caveat over the relationship Gretchen has now with Slade Smiley. Coincidence I guess since Vicki and Tamra don’t like Slade. Despite Gretchen saying she didn’t want a reading, Fraser had to play to the camera – and to whoever paid him – and give her a very public one. Gretchen has a point when she says in her blog “I don’t want to have someone instill doubt in me about a relationship or my future.” And I think it’s always amusing to hear anyone tell someone what their aura looks like, what color it is and what it means.  Don’t get me started on that.

Anyone who’s done any amount of energy work or actually sees auras will tell you that not just one color is involved.  It’s more like ongoing fireworks that change with each thought and each emotion.  It’s not a flat color.  It’s even limiting to call it everchanging color in motion.  You may not even see the color with your physical eyes, but rather intuit the color with your inner sensing.

For me, in person or in photos, I can see a film strip running through the aura, kind of like a ribbon weaving in and out, and it is in that film strip that I am given particular scenes.   And no, of course this is not something I do with every person every time we meet.  That would be as time consuming as determining the fabric content of your clothing, your size, your height and weight, the cmyk value of your skin, hair and clothing. Then it becomes work and not a social visit.

As far as Tamra having a blue aura, well, he obviously was looking past her personality self and into the deeper, inner, higher Self of her.  Wow, he’s good.


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A Psychic Reads the Auras of the Real Housewives of Orange County. How the aura and energy field appear to me.

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