Clementine Oranges Prove We Don’t Have The Same Experience

Did you ever wonder why two people sitting side by side doing the same thing can have such different experiences?  A couple of Januarys ago, a friend and I were sitting in a sunny clearing in my woods eating clementine oranges.  We had a little basket of them between us.   Tony can be a real pouty puss sometimes, although he’s a really cool guy.  But he does seem to focus on things around him that are not going well.  So we’re sitting and eating the clementines, which I’d been buying all month.  He  complained that “these tangerines were good but they had so many seeds.”  Yet I’d eaten 2 dozen of them in a 2 week period with nary a seed.  He was getting seeds and I was not.  He was not fibbing; I saw him spitting out seeds.  So I hand him my clementine and take his.  He bites into mine and finds a seed.  I eat the rest of his with no seeds. We did the same with two more clementines.  So take notes that being a pouty puss pretty much guarantees you’ll come across seeds, even in seedless fruits. I SOOO know it’s about vibrational matching.  Yes, even when I am the one getting the seeds.  Especially then.

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