How to Get Lots Done Even When You Feel Low Energy

I got lots done yesterday, despite feeling kinda low energy and sloth-like all day.  I woke up feeling kinda like in a dream where your body is going slow motion, and objects are very heavy.  I didn’t know what it was all about, but the day before was the heaviest physical workday of the month for me, at the end of 2 weeks being nose to the grindstone, so I figured I needed to hydrate after all the muscle use, and that was making me feel sore and slow. Whatever it was, it lasted all day, so I ate light and didn’t go into the office Saturday as I had planned.  Day off!

I went outside to water the new sod in, and the sprinklers each felt like they weighed 20 pounds each.  I just kept drinking water and green tea to hydrate the muscles, if that’s what it was.  I felt like I barely had enough energy to stand up and walk around, everything made me feel pretty exhausted.  I didn’t feel sick, just low energy.

I looked at my front landscape berm with the frostbitten turk’s cap sticks, and decided to transplant a loquat or two in front of it.  I wondered, as I went to get the shovel, if I had the energy to do this, or if I was being too ambitious.  I figured my body would tell me when it had enough.  So even though it was slow going, I managed to dig 6 holes and transplant 6 loquats about knee high and water them in.  I located a few more big rocks and moved them to the berm.  I moved a few ferns and some tall spikey looking greens and planted them where the spaces looked bare.  After that, I felt ready for a nap.

But a nap was not to be had.  Instead, I went to the market for some fresh asparagus to make a mushroom and asparagus soup for lunch.  Publix had the Bolthouse Farms Bom Dia Natural Acai Berry juices on sale two for one, so I got the Pomegranate mix. I felt like I could use some antioxidants.  Wow, even walking through the store tired me out!

I didn’t worry about it, I figured whatever it was it would pass through me soon enough.  Abraham-Hicks says that if we took lab tests and xrays and MRIs every day, we’d be surprised at what all moves through our body and resolves itself on its own. I figured the best thing I could do for my body was to keep moving and drinking water, so that whatever it was could move out of my system quicker.  I knew it could also be something I’d eaten.  I’d had bread and chicken and pasta all in the week before, heavier fare than I’m used to.  Whatever it was, I figured I wasn’t sick since I didn’t feel icky and I could still move around, albeit slowly.

I came home and made a simple soup of mushrooms, scallions and asparagus in a fat free chicken broth with some fresh parsley.  I drank some of the Acai Berry juice and even watered down it was strong and deep red.  I made sure to brush my teeth afterward.  Since I don’t like the idea of artificial whitening, I simply avoid dark foods and drinks, like colas or coffees. I had 2 cups of the soup, and it was simple but good.

Then a friend came by to pick up the small fainting couch I was giving her; she and her son drove up with a trailer and we got it loaded.  I was surprised the couch didn’t feel heavier, I took that as a sign my muscles were going back to normal.  Yay.  I still felt low energy, but by now it was 4:00pm so I’d made it through the day and gotten a lot done.  But I wasn’t finished yet.

I came inside and vacuumed where the couch had been, then vacuumed the entire living room.  Then I began dusting bookshelves and ceiling fan blades (if I stand on tippytoe, I can hold one blade while I Swiffer another).  I like the look of the living room with its new, emptier space.  Ah, freedom.

By the time I stopped to reflect on my day, it was 8:00pm and I had basically been up and moving around doing things all day long.  Yes, even though I felt low energy and in slow motion, I actually stayed in motion all day and got a lot done. It wasn’t like I was pushing my body, it was more like I did not take the lethargy as a signal to stay in bed all day.

Proving I can still get stuff done if I feel low energy and not in the mood for it.
All I have to do is take one step at a time.


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