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I had an odd dream last night, I was visiting the UU church in Melbourne and then it turned into some big giant version of it with a huge congregation and the pastor was some famous someone named Russel something (really the name of maybe some local politician, I forget the name now 12 hours later).  I rode over on my bike. I had to remove shoes to go into the church but did so when I came out I was talking to Ray Osborne and learned he was the son of this famous pastor and he never told anyone that.  I was looking for my shoes and couldn’t find them and didn’t want to leave barefoot since I was on my bike.  So I’m looking all over for my New Balance 471’s and not finding them and the next service has started and I’m kind of crawling around the pews trying not to be noticed but wanting to get my shoes and get out of there.   Continue reading

A friend asks about someone she believes is doing magic against someone she knows

A friend emailed me about someone she believes is doing magic against someone she knows. I replied: “Remember when you dispel the energy, it only comes up again if you talk about it or keep bringing it to mind.  Whenever you continue to hold a thought like that when it comes to mind, you are giving energy to the situation.  When you talk about it with anyone, you are giving it energy.  If you take it out of your consciousness, and everyone else takes it out of theirs, you are robbing X of the energy she needs to keep anything going.   If I were you, I’d write a nice long note to X and let her know she has no power over you and you wish her only the best, then have a nice burning bowl ceremony for yourself, burn the letter and never mention it again.  When the thought comes up again, and it will, simply think “bless her and move her into the Light where she can continue to grow and prosper.”

We win the Cash 3

It rained pretty hard for awhile today and the land got nice and soaked.  It’s full moon today so I went out and pruned back the arbicola and stuck about a dozen cuttings in the ground behind the Fiorelli’s fence, and some outside my west office window also.  Just like those cuttings can grow into large shrubs if I water and feed them, so can my life blossom into more than it is, with just a little care and thought, and careful pruning when necessary.

I emailed Carl Morgan yesterday and told him I had a flash the Cash 3 would be a 5-8-3 so we both played it and won *yay*

I see Curt and Nickie pass my window

Sitting here at the computer and I saw a figure pass by the west window.  When I looked, it was Curt Williamson and he was leaning on a shovel looking at me as if waiting for me to look up, then he smiled and waved and walked down the path past the firepit and into the woods and his dog Nickie was right behind him. Note, Curt passed at 1:58pm his sister told me

2;30pm Beth just called and told me Curt passed. Nickie was put down Monday

I got my $600 IRS stimulus check today . I worked a lot today and also made a seafood soup using scallops and orange roughey filets I had in my freezer, plus diced tomatoes and nonfat beef broth and chopped veggies.  It was real good. I think I’ll put an ad to do the will and power of attorney documents in the magazine since I’m doing so many of them right now.   I wish this mag was going faster.  Maybe if I stop making soup and watering the yard it will.   I missed almost the entire BMSE expo, am now rushing to get the July mag finished, I’ve spent since Wed at the hosp most of each day and now having to cram it all in and get done before Friday  .


I am in a new place with my mom and dad and it is apparently their new home.   We all appear about my age but they are my parents. I have a blanket wrapped around me and its big enough to cover me. I feel my father has somehow caused me into being there before I have time to dress and pack. I ask for some clothes to wear and we begin going from room to room looking for a dresser that has clothes in it. Although I would fit better in my father’s clothes, I am going thru the rooms with my mother and trying on a dress of hers, it’s too small but I can fit into it, especially when I find I now have striped pj pants on. I am barefoot because I feel the diff in the floor from room to room. Then I learn they only go into certain rooms of the house, because they are renting rooms from the owner, who also lives in the house. He is oriental. They show me a small bay window sized place in the one wall by the hallway that one of them tells me can be a second bedroom. I think that’ s not right since it’s so small. I again have the blanket wrapped around me and am looking for clothes.  Continue reading

9-6-1 comes in for the Cash 3

Went to the hospital to visit Curt and synchronistically almost the entire prayer team was there at one time, Margaret, Beth, Sally, Kim, me, and Curt was awake and lucid.  We got all paperwork done, also synchronistically the social worker who went over the hospice situation is a Horizons subscriber.  The Universe at work.  It will all turn out fine in the end; and if not, well it’s not the end.  The numbers 1, 9, 6 keep appearing this week. I don’t know why, I emailed Carl Morgan I was going to play them.   Later: 9-6-1 came in tonight

I told the woman at Circle K to buy 3 more lottery tickets. She didn’t. I did. I won.

I was behind a woman at Circle K this afternoon who was buying a whole string of the Monopoly scratch off lottery tickets and I had the thought that she should buy 3 more.  Of course I blurted out my unsolicited advice.  She just looked at me and turned away and walked out the door.  So I asked the clerk for 3 of the same kind she got and the first one paid $20 and the second paid $25 an the third gave me a free ticket.  Yay.  Today’s visitor was a baby armadillo, I saw 4 of them the other day, two today, almost deaf and blind I can always get real close for pics.  I dunno how old they are, their shells are still soft. They kinda freak when you touch them, they jump straight up in the air like in a cartoon.  They have cute freckly little faces.  They root around in the yard and give it good aeration, eating bugs and such.  I like having a place where wildlife visits.  It’s been warm here and humid but I am watering my trees like crazy to get some good shade going before the heat of summer.

Email to a friend who wrote me about a new program she’s involved with

Email to a friend who wrote me about a new program she is getting involved with” “I know a little about The Extraordinary Self Program, I believe the price was $595 a year ago.  These kinds of social networking/marketing/certification programs can be the bridge some people need to begin changing their beliefs about what is possible.  In most cases with friends and clients, I’ve seen them get wrapped up in all the activity that is generated and only months (or years as with IBI) do they realize they could have skipped that ‘step” and gone much farther in reaching their goals.

Hmmm, here I find once again I am saying to you something that sounds discouraging…  I guess I just think/imagine/feel/intuit/know that you are destined for grand and great happiness and accomplishment and my experience is that often these kinds of programs are unnecessary detours.  Oh my, I am aware how judgmental that sounds as I say it.  I know this meeting is just a free intro to the program.  I am not writing anyone else telling them this, just you.

I have dear friends who are wrapped up in different programs where everyone is frantically networking and going to and giving workshops on “making it happen” while their income and circumstances aren’t changing for the better.  Then I have the friends and clients who tap into inner guidance and become empowered and begin living lives of happiness and income they would not have thought possible six months or a year before.

I’m not criticizing anyone for where they are vibrating, I just like everyone to know they have a choice.  And that they don’t have to pay lots of money to get certified to market and deliver someone else’s program.  Boy, does this sound whiney, however I’ll send it anyway in hopes you will receive it in the spirit of friendship it is offered.”

I emailed Garrison Keillor my most memorable show

I emailed Garrison Keillor:  “Hello, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wit and the courage to speak it.  I have listened for decades.  The most memorable show?  Father’s Day 1987, the “last” show.  I would so miss your company every weekend.  It was the end of an era in more ways than one for me.  You see I began driving home from Miami as the show started, having just left my father’s bedside where I signed for him to be taken off life support.  His wife didn’t want to sign without me, so I signed and within minutes he had passed.  I drove the 3 hours north along highway AIA, the ocean drive, and caught the show on various public radio stations all along the way up.  It was memorable indeed.   Thanks for all you do, I’ve been a fan from the first time I heard your show.  I wish you luck and lots of love in your life.”