Email to a friend who wrote me about a new program she’s involved with

Email to a friend who wrote me about a new program she is getting involved with” “I know a little about The Extraordinary Self Program, I believe the price was $595 a year ago.  These kinds of social networking/marketing/certification programs can be the bridge some people need to begin changing their beliefs about what is possible.  In most cases with friends and clients, I’ve seen them get wrapped up in all the activity that is generated and only months (or years as with IBI) do they realize they could have skipped that ‘step” and gone much farther in reaching their goals.

Hmmm, here I find once again I am saying to you something that sounds discouraging…  I guess I just think/imagine/feel/intuit/know that you are destined for grand and great happiness and accomplishment and my experience is that often these kinds of programs are unnecessary detours.  Oh my, I am aware how judgmental that sounds as I say it.  I know this meeting is just a free intro to the program.  I am not writing anyone else telling them this, just you.

I have dear friends who are wrapped up in different programs where everyone is frantically networking and going to and giving workshops on “making it happen” while their income and circumstances aren’t changing for the better.  Then I have the friends and clients who tap into inner guidance and become empowered and begin living lives of happiness and income they would not have thought possible six months or a year before.

I’m not criticizing anyone for where they are vibrating, I just like everyone to know they have a choice.  And that they don’t have to pay lots of money to get certified to market and deliver someone else’s program.  Boy, does this sound whiney, however I’ll send it anyway in hopes you will receive it in the spirit of friendship it is offered.”

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