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I’m in a house in a neigborhood in NC and locals don’t like it because our tags are from Florida.   In a large room, a house really with a large meeting room and a lot of chairs and couches.   We are waiting for a program to start, but they won’t be here until 9:30am. I think it might be a band.  The owner of the house are a couple and they are very nice although a little reclusive it seems. I speak to both of them. He is a painter and is setting out his paints. They are well worn tubes of acrylic or watercolor. I am very thirsty and he pours some water, but it is for a paint jar, and I am helping to arrange the jars on the table. I am on one of the couches, a smaller one, and watching other people come in. I move around from seat to seat trying to find which will have the best view of the dias where the speaker or band will be.  Continue reading

I’ve been working away here.  New Kitty and YinYang are tolerating each other.  I don’t know if he went out yesterday at all.  I think the Universe is using him to get me to sleep in my bed instead of on the couch.  I will go in there for a nap because I know he’ll appear as soon as I get settled in.  It’s got to be better for my spine, but since I don’t have any problems I just sleep on the small chaise I call my couch.  I place the armchair at the end of the chaise to make it long enough for me to stretch out (kinda) in.  It’s not real comfortable but I don’t want it to be, otherwise I’d be in it all the time.  I know it’s hard to discipline yourself to do creative visualization to pre-pave what you’d like your future experience to be, but I have learned that is key to my happy tomorrows.  I know it’s hard to think happy fluffy thoughts when I’m stuck in the reality of my chaotic life surrounded by the downward spiral talk and opinions of people I can’t get way from, but I know if I don’t do it, I’ll be stuck there tomorrow and the day after and the day after.

I cooked penne pasta tonight, while it was cooking I sauteed some chopped fresh mushrooms in Pam spray with olive oil and also 4 scallions and some chopped fresh tomatoes from Danny’s garden.  I also put pepper (I use salt only AFTER it’s cooked so it doesn’t make the veggies watery) and garlic powder like a teaspoon (I use a lot of garlic powder, I sprinkle it on everything, it helps keep your arteries open) and some basil and oregano also.  Oh, also a squirt of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar since the tomatoes were very acidic.  While the pasta was draining, I put a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of my fake butter Earth Balance in with the mushrooms and threw in the penne, and let it all saute for about 3 more minutes as I mixed it around.  It was really good.   Continue reading

The new kitty is settling in.  YinYang even came into the bedroom this morning while NK was on the foot of the bed and she didn’t howl or growl or anything, just glared.  When I saw her and stepped over to pet her, she let me instead of hissing and ripping my hand to shreds.  Progress!  This morning I’ve been reprogramming my new Nokia 6555 phone, the insurance replacement for the one I dropped into my soup last week.  To make it even more embarrassing I was at a lunch meeting and we were waiting for a call back and it was while answering that that the phone jumped.  And of course it was not a simple tom yum where it would have landed on the vegetables, but a pho so it was submerged… sheeesh. I went to my tax accountant’s and had my new will notarized and heard a little about her trip to Japan she just returned from. Went to Hioki’s for lunch and had miso soup, grilled fish, seaweed salad and california roll, which is their box lunch special for $10.50.  Came home and packed up my drums for tomorrow night’s hand drumming class with Janine.  A friend returned some books and saw the new kitty as he bolted when he came in the driveway.  I scratched off some lottery tickets that Denise gave me and won $2 and a free ticket 🙂  might be the One!!!  Tonight I rest and tomorrow I finish billing.


New kitty might be a neutered male

The new kitty is settling in.  I’m pretty sure he’s a neutered male.  I will check again to be sure.  He’s settling in and even YinYang is not so actively hating on him.  She doesn’t like it but at least isn’t stalking him and snarling at him. She just glares at him from across the room.  I set up a cat box in the hallway just in case and about 3:30am this morning he used it while I was in the office.  Aaaugh!  I want him doing this outside, I will not have a box in the house, this had better just be a temporary thing.  But one reason I think he did was because yesterday I was wondering if I should get him checked for worms.  So me discarding his evidence gave me the chance to inspect it and no worms yay. I typically get my cats their first shots when they are neutered and that’s it, unless they go back to the vet for something.  Then the vet requires their shots get updated.  Otherwise, I think them eating their partially wild diet keeps their immune system strong.


New kitty settles in

The new cat came home about midnight, came in thru the cat door. I tried to snooze on the couch and she kept jumping up and so I gave in about 2am and went into my room, which I had sealed off until I know her better.  She jumped up on the bed and stayed there until I got up about 7:30am.  I let yinYang in thru the bedroom sliding glass door and new kitty stayed in the room while I coaxed Yinny into the kitchen to eat before she could see the other one on the foot of the bed.  Then I took new kitty outside and we walked around a bit so I could let her know these are our woods.  I sat in a couple of the chairs in different areas of the yard as she walked around, and kept talking to her so she’d know where I was even when I couldn’t see her. So when she disappeared into the east woods, I know she knows:

  1. she’s allowed out there
  2. she knows to come back

I am not so anxious now.

Kitty is now making herself at home and the other cats are accepting her.  Not liking her yet but not not trying to fight, just growling at her.  She stays put behind a chair peeking out when they do that, and I squirt them with a water pistol so it’s over soon.  She patrolled the foot of my bed, patty-pawing her way, all night long.

I went to Orlando to have lunch with Dennis Hollin at Sweet tomatoes, very neat place, picked up a kilo of incense from him. I burn so much of it that I buy the Nag Champa by the kilo.