I had an odd dream last night, I was visiting the UU church in Melbourne and then it turned into some big giant version of it with a huge congregation and the pastor was some famous someone named Russel something (really the name of maybe some local politician, I forget the name now 12 hours later).  I rode over on my bike. I had to remove shoes to go into the church but did so when I came out I was talking to Ray Osborne and learned he was the son of this famous pastor and he never told anyone that.  I was looking for my shoes and couldn’t find them and didn’t want to leave barefoot since I was on my bike.  So I’m looking all over for my New Balance 471’s and not finding them and the next service has started and I’m kind of crawling around the pews trying not to be noticed but wanting to get my shoes and get out of there.  

I’m told to kindly go outside to find them because I won’t find them inside.  So I go out and just start looking for any shoes that are similar but none of them are my size.  In the dream I am wondering if I would actually take someone else’s shoes just because they fit me and I didn’t want to go leave on my bike barefoot.  Some shoes are my size but they are all lightweight like slippers or Zories or have no backs or no support so I don’t choose them.

At one point in the dream I am sitting with Ray on his bed talking, in a big bright bedroom with lots of big, high long windows and I am talking about my shoes and his dad walks in and I feel somehow embarrassed as if I wasn’t dressed or something although I was. Maybe I will recall more of it later or remember the name of the pastor father.

end of dream

I forget most of the dream, I should have typed it first thing and I sat down to do just that and got sidetracked making a happy birthday tomorrow Bo card and going across the street to buy a 20 foot ladder from Corey Deb’s son.

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