I told the woman at Circle K to buy 3 more lottery tickets. She didn’t. I did. I won.

I was behind a woman at Circle K this afternoon who was buying a whole string of the Monopoly scratch off lottery tickets and I had the thought that she should buy 3 more.  Of course I blurted out my unsolicited advice.  She just looked at me and turned away and walked out the door.  So I asked the clerk for 3 of the same kind she got and the first one paid $20 and the second paid $25 an the third gave me a free ticket.  Yay.  Today’s visitor was a baby armadillo, I saw 4 of them the other day, two today, almost deaf and blind I can always get real close for pics.  I dunno how old they are, their shells are still soft. They kinda freak when you touch them, they jump straight up in the air like in a cartoon.  They have cute freckly little faces.  They root around in the yard and give it good aeration, eating bugs and such.  I like having a place where wildlife visits.  It’s been warm here and humid but I am watering my trees like crazy to get some good shade going before the heat of summer.

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