I am in a new place with my mom and dad and it is apparently their new home.   We all appear about my age but they are my parents. I have a blanket wrapped around me and its big enough to cover me. I feel my father has somehow caused me into being there before I have time to dress and pack. I ask for some clothes to wear and we begin going from room to room looking for a dresser that has clothes in it. Although I would fit better in my father’s clothes, I am going thru the rooms with my mother and trying on a dress of hers, it’s too small but I can fit into it, especially when I find I now have striped pj pants on. I am barefoot because I feel the diff in the floor from room to room. Then I learn they only go into certain rooms of the house, because they are renting rooms from the owner, who also lives in the house. He is oriental. They show me a small bay window sized place in the one wall by the hallway that one of them tells me can be a second bedroom. I think that’ s not right since it’s so small. I again have the blanket wrapped around me and am looking for clothes. 

Now I am walking with my dad and I am mad at him, yelling things like ‘this is my worst nightmare, caught naked in public in a city I can’t find a ride home” and it’s somehow his fault. I’m mad and making a scene. I become aware there are other people in the house and am wondering why they are sharing a house with other people.

And they are in a neighborhood where houses are close to each other and I wonder if I’m in Boca Raton. Then I know I’m not, and I’m not in Jupiter but I’m around there and just a few hours from home. “I’ll find a ride home” I scream at my father, although there seem to be several cars, some of them must work, they weren’t new but they weren’t junk heaps either

A delivery man comes to dolly something into the kitchen and begins going in the wrong part of the house. He was intruding on a neighbor’s space and I wanted to give them privacy.

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