So what if Big Brother is watching?

I was showing a galpal my new phone yesterday and told her I really like the Google maps feature that shows me on a map where I am and what direction I’m heading.  My car does not have a gps, so it’s a handy feature to have.  She was quick to tell me that also means whoever wants to find me via my cell phone can now do it with the same technology.  “Do you want everyone to be able to find you anytime?”  Um, everyone like who? “Oh, the police, the government, anyone…” What are we, like spies now?  The police and the government can find me thru the public records and my tax returns, too.  She also doesn’t vote or have homeowner’s insurance.  She’s also always in boundary fights with her neighbors and zoning issues with the city since she raises animals.  She might live a life where she thinks she has to hide what she does, but I don’t.  The thing is, she doesn’t even do anything illegal or borderline, it’s just always in discussion.  I know several people like this. Always focused on the latest conspiracy, how the government is out to get us now.  Pullease.  It’s just the government.  Let them get us.  Do what’s right.  Live a life you’re proud of.  Pay what they tell you to pay.  Trust that it will work out and it will.  Don’t limit your life to a mere small slice of what it can be.  Live transparently and live out loud.