I bought a new couch today

I just looked at couches at Kane’s Furniture, even tho they’re always overpriced, they don’t negotiate and they charge $100 for delivery. The one I liked best was $742. Then I went to Furniture Liquidators while I was on 192 and for $512 out the door they delivered (for $25 and two hours later) a similar couch that I liked just as well.   I bought my big puffy recliner from Kane’s two years ago; they delivered the wrong chair 3 days late and the right one a week later.  I almost drove by Furniture Liquidators without going in, thinking they only had beds since I knew I’d bed shopped there in July.   I was stoked to find the perfect couch today and to get it hours later. Grace was the sales chick and she was really fun.  The drivers were two young handsome 20 something dudes who carried the couch around like it weighed nothing.  They were very cool.  I have interesting things here so it’s fun when visitors ask questions, like about the multi-denominational altar that takes up the living room.   We did have to hack a path through the eleagnus hedge surrounding the back porch to bring it in through the sliding glass doors since it would not fit through the front doorway, but I didn’t hesitate.  Even though I’ve been growing that hedge across the doorway for 6 years and have just gotten it thick enough to hide the door – I made the cut!  Onward and upward.  New times!  Prune away the old to make way for the new!  And now, for the first time in many years, I have a couch in the living room.  Not just a recliner and straight chairs and a gazillion floor pillows.  A couch, just like real people have.