My old cell phone number is now my new cell phone number

I’ve had ATT cell phone service way back from when it was Cingular.  I never had a problem with service or dropped calls.  I’ve been out of contract for years.  I just switched to Virgin Mobile for cost and am stoked they offer the option of porting my current ATT phone number to the new phone.  Over the years, I’ve connected with many authors and speakers and publicists and they all have the old number.  I usually hear from them when we all happen to be at an event together out of town and we’re after hours looking to see who else might be there to goof off with.  No one has the old number that I want to avoid, like a bill collector or anyone I’m hiding from. Those days are long gone.  So, it was easier to just take the number with me.   If I gave you the new cell phone number, toss it.  If you have my old cell number, that’s the current number.  Also, I love the voice to text feature on this phone, so I no longer bite your head off if you text me 😉