Sometimes I just have to unfriend a friend for awhile

I unfriended a few friends this week.  My Facebook posts are a combination of me telling the antics of the day and me seeking input and thoughts on a particular situation for research purposes for my work.  I get some of my best study done this way, learning what real life people today think about something.  Sometimes friends hijack my wall with nonsense then the the topic changes to responding to the nonsense.  That’s fun to a point. Sometimes friends will repeatedly promote themselves and include links in their comments.  Sometimes I know the person talking isn’t one who walks it, so that gets old.  And sometimes I just get tired of hearing someone who takes every post as though it’s a topic for him to teach a class on or tell everything he knows.  That’s what his Facebook wall is for.  Mine is for whatever I want to be there.  For two of them, this coincides astrologically with their Uranus opposition. I’m so glad there wasn’t a Facebook when I began my Uranus opposition and began seeing my life in a new way.  I’d have worn my fingers to the bone and been ostracized for thumping.  During my Uranus opposition,  I discovered Abraham-Hicks, began seeing new possibilities in my life and Horizons Magazine was born.  Every little insight I had, I had to tell everyone.  The unfolding was so fascinating to me, how could it not be fascinating to everyone else, too? But, in Facebook, as in life, a little goes a long way, especially when you’re preaching 101 and to the choir.  If someone sees a post I’ve made on someone else’s wall and wants to know who I am and what I think about something, they can check my profile and find my websites and search my blog for the topic.  They can send me a message or email me.  There are a lot of ways someone can learn who I am and what I have to offer without me having to write it all over friends’ Facebook walls.  That’s like writing it on the side of their house.  Again, a little goes a long way.  I’m just taking a time out.  No hard feelings, no loss of love.  This, too, shall pass.