Riding out Past Momentum

People aren’t always prepared to handle what Life throws at them. A few experiences with cause and effect can make a believer out of anyone, so it is often well into midlife before many people wake up and begin taking responsibility for how they perceive life and how they respond to it.  At the same time, they have to deal with the momentum of their past catching up with them. So the situation is someone who has suddenly woken up to the realization of an innate connection, to the realization of another way of being, another way of living more gently and cooperatively upon the earth.  They realize some of their past behaviors and responses were less than stellar, and they want to do things differently this time around. But even though their heart and mind and ways have changed, there is still the backlash of the past momentum catching up. So they need to just do their best in each moment, and ride it out until it’s over.

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