Your misdeeds affect your loved ones

dominoes redSome are being betrayed by having FB friends with fake profiles give info to exes they have blocked. If they only knew the karma they were bringing down upon themselves and their loved ones by doing it, they’d stop. This isn’t what they want to put in motion — sudden chaos around them, they get sick, their kids get in accidents or their parents lose everything. Everything is related. As soon as they stop, it takes a little while for the momentum to catch up, depending on how much they’ve put in motion, but it will be over soon. Everything we do affects every other area of our life, whether we believe it or not.  Send out what you want you and your loved ones to get back. Because it’s on its way.

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Your misdeeds affect your loved ones
Building momentum
Riding Out Past Momentum
Factoring in past momentum
Creating Momentum To Move In A New Direction
The process to gather momentum and amplify attraction power
Turn your attention elsewhere and stop creating more karma
When your karma visits your loved ones, you can help them by cutting out your nonsense and cleaning up your past
If you’re being blocked, look for unresolved issues to clear
When you’re doing all the “right” things and still get hit by karma, that’s past momentum
You destroy the chance for your future by not clearing up your past

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