If you’re being blocked, look for unresolved issues to clear

A friend spent months remodeling and stocking her new retail space and opened to rave reviews. She poured her heart and soul — and her savings – into it.  A month later, she laments that while everyone loves the store, she’s had very slow sales.  She prides herself on being conscious and spiritual.  She’s in a good place and doing all the “right” things. So why is this happening?  What is this karma for?  We spent some time finding out. The first thing I look for is where there is an unresolved issue from the past. I asked about her prior year and previous location.  She had set up a boutique inside another business’s storefront.  To gain entry, she’d fibbed on her resume and had a friend lie to give her a reference.  

I remember at the time cautioning her that gaining acceptance under false pretenses would start the relationship in a false place. She was there less than two months. She blamed the lack of business on her landlord’s lack of advertising. She left owing rent and not returning the key. Whoop! There it is!  She reasoned it was not her fault. I told her none of that mattered.  What mattered is that there was an outstanding issue and it was affecting her experience Now It was past momentum catching up to her from unresolved issues.  She can be stubborn.  She can be hard headed.  She can be prideful.  It’s not easy for her to admit wrongdoing or apologize. But now she knows what to do.  How soon she does it is up to her. We do not enter the kingdom of heaven without having forgiven.  We come to the altar having mended the past. When we do that, the kingdom of heaven is right here, right now.

If you can’t face it, you can’t heal it. Don’t deny there is a problem. Face it and mystically the healing process begins. The soul loves the truth.” Denise Linn

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