Ghostly Apparition Caught On Camera; Going Out Of Body to Help You Learn To Manage Your Energy

Friday, June 5, 2009.  My brother sent me a link to Employees: Haunting Caught On Tape – Greenville, a news story where a ghostly apparition is caught on camera. It happened about 25 miles from his home in South Carolina.  It is an area known for paranormal activity, including the phenomena known as The Seneca Guns. Brothermine wrote about them here.  My brother is a very psychic guy and he works in a very conventional mechanical engineering type job in the areospace industry.  He’s very low profile about his psychic gift (yes, we both hate that term, but we’ve gotten over it) and selective who he shares information with about anything paranormal or metaphysical.  He’s not an attention seeker and doesn’t feel like he has to prove anything to anyone.  He knows who he is.  Back to the surveillance video on the news story at  Employees: Haunting Caught On Tape – Greenville

The videocamera is focused on the credit union office of the Anderson Municipal Business Center in Anderson, SC.  The security guard Rob Colbert noticed it on the video screen and played it back several times.  It clearly shows a defined area of light moving about with purpose; it appeared out of nowhere and walked over to a chair and sat in it, over and again.  It made him a believer that there is an unseen world, things we just don’t see with our naked eye.

I am glad that the research into this type of activity is finally gaining acceptance within the scientific community.  That frees up funding so that more meaningful work can be done.  Although it’s been written about for a century, people are just now beginning to accept that there is another “dimension” to this world we live in.  And that we can learn to understand and manage and direct energy and thought in this new dimension and, through the activity of that, we will create a world we love to be living in.

But small steps first.  Let people get used to the idea slowly, so it doesn’t freak them out.  The media/tv/movie/comic industry has for so long portrayed the paranormal, the unseen, as something to be feared and fought against and protected from.  So now some deprogramming is in order.  We’re starting to get some good tv shows that portray these happenings in a realistic way as every day occurrences.  Ghost Whisperer, Medium, The Listener. (The Listener?  That’s exactly how it happens.)

I believe the apparition caught on video is simply a thoughtform doing an automatic action repeatedly. I wrote about this in The Haunted Chair; Journeys Out Of The Body. That’s one thing I think everyone would benefit from, is doing some out of body exercises.  Just to get yourself used to the idea, because it really goes a long way in helping you learn to manage your energy otherwise, also.  It’s very empowering.  And just like riding a bicycle, the better you get at it, the easier it is to do at will.

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