Remember: Hurricane Matthew was a Cat 5 yet we only got 109 winds

Please share to calm unnecessary fears. Hurricane Matthew last year reminds us that a huge Category 5  with 165 winds can come ashore with only 109 winds affecting us. That can happen here, too. Hurricane Matthew was a Cat 5 and began disspating and slowing down just before it got to us. When they say a hurricane is 500 miles wide and 185 mph, that doesn’t mean the entire storm is moving 185 mph.  Example: Hurricane Irma, the eye is 25 miles in diameter. A FEW MILES OUTSIDE of that is where the 185 mph winds are. NOT all 500 miles of the entire storm.    

On 9-28-16 Hurricane Matthew formed as a Category 5 with 165mph winds. Winds died to 145 as it crossed Cuba and the Bahamas. Winds fell even lower as it moved up the east coast, bringing 109 winds to Brevard County on 10-6-16. The same can happen here. READ THIS AND REMEMBER it can change course at last minute and lose force. Hold the vision with me?    

We got power back pretty fast after Matthew. I’m hopeful. I’m also watching no storm updates except the Public Advisory from the National Hurricane Center every 8 hours. I’m scrolling past flammatory news and Facebook friend freakouts. Amazing what that does for peace of mind. We’re prepared, we’ll stay here with the kitties.

Lone house after Hurricane Ike 9-13-08 Galveston, TX

Remember, no matter what is going on, you can have a completely different experience than friends just inches away.

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