Past Lives in Astrology

There is so much that can be told from your astrology chart. Besides everything you would ever need to know to have the best life possible, it can show your karma and past lives. Basically, your horoscope is divided into 12 equal segments, called “houses.” Each house represents a department of life, such as self-image and will, money and security, friends and communication, home and family, health and duty, partners and committed relationships, secrets, travel and education plus spiritual attitudes, public image and highest goals, friends and social life, karma and hidden things.

The 1st house shows your ascendant and it is the basis of the chart reading for this life. However, if the wheel is turned one house down, the 12th becomes the 1st house for a past life, not necessarily the immediate past, but one that you are working out issues from now.

To understand the following, you need to know your “rising sign,” or sometimes it is called, the “Ascendant.” To find out, you can have a chart erected by an astrologer or use an astrology program to calculate it.

We start with the ascendant, then read the chart, especially the placement of Saturn, retrograde planets, and the pars fortuna in a special way to determine your karma and past life details. This article addresses the ascendant and your past lives.


Aries: If you have Aries on your first house now, the most significant past life had Pisces dominant. Aries signifies new beginnings so a Piscean past life means that you are coming out of a life of deep introspection, limits, duties, and possibly bondage. The present life is one of new starts and learning to life free. The challenge is not to let the Aries become too domineering and too fiery. Often there is a karma of revenge here.

Perhaps you lived a life of a mystic, healer, or one in the lower end of Pisces energy—addicted to escapism through alcohol or drugs. Now, you feel it is time for a more dynamic life where you are in charge of your emotions instead of them controlling you.

Taurus: This means that your past life was dominated by Aries. You are taking the innovative, fiery energy of the past life into creativity in this life. You might even have some military tendencies that harken back to the past life. Although a deeper look at the individual chart would be necessary, often this brings forth an intense dedication to creativity and a drive to succeed in the material world.

You still want to experience life in a big way, as you did in an Aries dominated life, but now it is more about personal comfort, satisfaction, and sensual pleasure than in setting the world on fire with your power and brilliance.

Gemini: Your past life was dominated by Taurus and you brought that creative and earthy nature into a present life of mind and communication. You are ready to let go of the stalwart and steadfastness of the past Taurus nature and fly free, examining life in detail. The danger from the past life is that there might be some guilt associated with letting go of the groundedness that was so important in the past life.

You might be coming from a life of self-indulgence and lack of interest in intellectual pursuits. You might have been resentful of those who were highly educated or could more easily communicate their ideas. Now you have your chance. Talk, write, lecture, learn, examine. Your emotions won’t get in the way as they once did. You can be objective and learn for learning sake.

Cancer: From a past life of Gemini domination, you have reigned in your free-floating nature and are focusing on responsibility, home, family, and experiencing life in deeper ways. Fears and distorted reality is often something that is brought forward from a Gemini dominated life. Feelings and duty run deep but there is always a desire to be free.

You might be coming from a life of a glib talker, a persuader, a salesman, orator, or writer. You are ready to pay more attention to emotions and to your inner life now. Emotional attachments must be learned. Karma paid to people in your present family is likely going to be in the forefront of your life.

Leo: Leo is fire, loving, needing attention and love to feel whole. A past life of Cancer domination sometimes makes it difficult to feel fulfilled or feel fully loved unless there is a constant reminder that you are not alone. Cancer energy is singular; Leo is social. There may be conflict there and a karma with abandonment might be present.

If you paid your karma and balanced the wheel, you are free now to pay attention to yourself again. Bask in the warmth of admiration, show the world your beauty and worth. You earned it, you deserve it. Just don’t let it turn into ego-centric involvement or there will be much more to pay in the next life.

Virgo: While the present life is about doing for others, duty, and organization, you are coming from a Leo dominant life that was lived with you as the center of attention. There might be an underlying loneliness or question about why you are doing so much and not getting what you think is fair in return. Often there is a karma about giving back to those who sacrificed for you in the past life.

You might have ignored people who cared about you or took care of you when you were in a Leo dominated life. Now is the time for bucking down and taking care of responsibilities. You might have an underlying guilt that drives you to give to others. But, whatever you do, you will have a plan and stick to it.

Libra: Here you bring in Virgo tendencies and karma from a past life. You might have had a life where you were not appreciated and so now you are trying to balance out the karma of trying too hard to please others or of being in situations that were vastly unfair. The karma could include a fear or avoidance of extremes that come from a past life.

If you went overboard in the Virgo dominated life, you might find yourself facing a difficult time balancing your life. Decisions about the issues of giving and receiving might cause emotional conflict. You could be trying to be organized in your life (a past life habit)

Scorpio: From a life of trying to balance every aspect of life for fear of being an extremist, you come in with a desire to experience life in its deepest and most complex way. You might have had a life where you needed to conform and anything outside of the accepted norm was punished. You might have been in the legal profession and obsessed with justice. Now you want to live for you and help others on your terms.

To Hell with living life in balance, you are ready to dig deep into the mysteries of life and could end up in extreme situations. Because you lived your life by trying to make everything balance, now you are ready for a little positive selfishness. If you go too far, though, you might find yourself in deep emotional waters that you can’t handle and will create karma not easily repaid.

Sagittarius: The past life of Scorpio domination with its deep thinking and feeling is giving way to a sense of expansiveness and largess that could not be experienced before. The lessons learned in the past life transform into philosophy and sharing of knowledge and wisdom instead of keeping it for yourself alone.

You might have been deprived of life’s bounty in a past life so now you want to see, hear, taste, feel, and touch everything, experience new horizons and break out of any restrictions put upon you by others.

Capricorn: With Capricorn rising this time, you are ready to set some boundaries for your life and stop the free-wheeling fun-ride you had as a Sagittarius. This is a time for serious consideration about letting go of karma that was accrued as the Sagittarius dominated life. Perhaps you were a person that shrugged off responsibility in order to live life as you wanted. You might have accrued some karma from others who felt ignored or abandoned. Or, dreams you had didn’t come true because you couldn’t structure your life enough to realize them. Or, perhaps you had everything and never learned the value of work and hardship. Now is the time that these considerations will come back to you for resolution and balance

Aquarius: With Aquarius rising now, you have had enough of restricted living in a Capricorn dominated past life and now you are ready to be unique and experience life from a whole new perspective. Nothing conventional or traditional will do, you have to be different. Your individuality is painted on you like a sign. You cannot hide it, even when you try. You are moving out of a life that dictated conventionality, rules, and boundaries. You are ready to give back to the world and fly free.

PIsces: Here you have come to an end to a cycle of karma set into motion when you lived an Aries dominated life. This is a time of wanting to settle things, tie up the loose ends, overcome inconsistency, be responsible. You sense that there is a new beginning on the horizon and want to be ready.

Being unique isn’t so important now, you have had that and the loneliness that often goes with it. You are ready to be with others and connect on a heart level. You are ready for the spiritual experience. If you are not up to the challenge though, you could find yourself caught in substance abuse that gives false experiences of the expanded mind.


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