Tarot Card of the Day: Four of Wands Reversed

Your Card for today.  Meditate upon the meaning this card might have for you since it showed up at this exact moment. Not everyone saw this.  Not everyone attracted this message .  YOU DID. There are no mistakes.
MEANING:  This is a very positive card to see in a reading in any context, revered or upright. There may be an upcoming celebration; in any event, joy is likely to be in the air. Unexpected good fortune could be headed your way when this card appears. Still, that doesn’t mean to throw away all your hard work and simply sit back. All good things are added to when we make efforts and make a point to share and give to others, in whatever way we can. 

Work: Things are likely be going well for you in the workplace. Don’t forget that your continued effort will be needed. Accept the compliments headed your way with good grace and be sure to share credit when it is appropriate. There is no such thing as a completely self-made man or woman.

Love:  A relationship is likely to become much more committed in the near future. You may have a marriage or special event to attend. Make a point to go if you are invited. You could meet the love of your life at someone else’s wedding. If you want it, expect it.

Finances: You have been working hard to build up a financial safety net. Know that what you have achieved is good and that your investments are as secure as possible right now. Give yourself a break before resuming these efforts. No amount of money buys complete security in this ever-changing universe.

Health: When the 4 of Wands reversed appears in regard to a health question, the news looks very encouraging. You have a lot to be happy about and thankful for regardless of your health status; focus on that, and think positively. There is a demonstrated link to positive attitudes and good health outcomes.

Spirituality: You have the right to attend to your own spirit in your own way regardless of what others think about it. You are likely to discover new things about yourself and your spirituality in the future when the 4 of Wands appears reversed; and these are likely to be positive, uplifting discoveries. You may want to try a new spiritual discipline, such as yoga or tai chi. Sometimes such things can lead to overwhelmingly positive new growth.

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