Don’t believe the misinformation

I finally see the misinformation a lot of people are up in arms over. Re Blue Lives Matter, reading at a neighborhood FB page some hotheads remark all law enforcement officers target blacks. NOT TRUE. Other hotheads say the Black Lives Matter activists all encourage cop killing. NOT TRUE EITHER. It is dangerous and mean to post that because it divides people and causes problems where there are no problems. None of the law enforcement personnel I know are racists or target blacks. None of the blacks I know encourage violence.  Acts of hatred incite hatred. Acts of kindness inspire kindness. We’re blessed this election season to have those around us reveal their fears and agendas so we know who we all are under pressure. WE can’t judge an entire race or culture based on the actions of the most visible vocal thugs, unless we want them to judge us  based on the same thing. Be awake, be aware but be kind. It will cause you to attract a much better life than you’re living now.

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