Start being kind and see how your life improves

dog with roseWhat if you knew that all the mean things you say to people you feel have offended you come right back to you and your loved ones in the form of life problems and (what looks like) bad luck? Karma is simply bringing back around what you put in motion. And what if all you had to do to stop the momentum was to start being kind, begin giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, stop being so quick to judge a situation, and inform yourself about it first? What if instead of inciting friends to riot saying “Let’s put that mofo out of business,” upon hearing one (pissed off) side of a story, how about asking yourself, “What is it in me that is so offended and why? Is it possible I’m misunderstanding something?” How can I help diffuse this situation? How can I bring peace to this situation? How can I be of help?
Begin and see your problems fade away like smoke on wind.    

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Start being kind and see how your life improves
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