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Why the helicopters? What’s that boom in Palm Bay, FL?

One type of Brevard County Sheriff's Office helicopter

One Brevard County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, they also have green and white helicopters

Attention all my neighbors who freak out when they see and hear low flying planes and helicopters overhead at all hours: they’re not always chasing some bad guy in your yard.  The Facebook neighborhood watch pages are always filled with it as if we’re being invaded, but here’s what’s up:

1.  There’s a military annex 6 miles away doing training missions. They have to have so many flight hours that include a variety of maneuvers, including hovering, low-to-ground hold and different speeds. I see them often.

2.   The Melbourne International Airport is 12 miles due north with the flight pattern directly over our heads. I see low flying aircraft often.   Continue reading

Seth thru Jane Roberts on Experiencing Psychological Time

“In practice, Psychological Time leads to development of the other Inner Senses. In Psy-Time, as we call it, you simply turn your focus of attention inward. Sit or lie quietly alone and close your eyes. Pretend that there is a world within as vivid and real as the physical one. Turn off your physical senses. If you want, imagine that they have dials and you flip them off, one by one. Then imagine that the Inner Senses have another set of dials. Imaginatively, turn them on. This is one method of beginning.   Continue reading

The April 2022 Horizons is now online and here are the horoscopes

April 2022

The April 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the April 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes.
ARIES – (March 19 – April 18)
The heavens are lifting you up from the ground starting next month. Take advantage of this necessary period of reflection to channel your energies into a new beginning (from May 10). Rather enterprising and confident in your abilities, you start the month in negotiations. You do not lack arguments to defend your positions. You benefit from an inspiring sky that contributes to your success but doesn’t upset anyone by being overconfident.

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Creative Viz

I always have several creative visualization projects going on at one time and I write about them on Facebook.  Some I do with friends and clients, helping them hold a vision of something they are working on changing. A vision of wellness or quick healing for the sick.  A vision of a friend finding the perfect job, a client finding the perfect partner, a family member attracting a good used car at a great price. I do creative visualization for myself for various areas also.  And I switch it up, so I can tell what specific visualization attracts what specific result.  I like especially to play with how income comes my way.  Continue reading

Unsolicited Psychic Readings

Is it ok to give someone an unsolicited reading or is that simply ego? Early on, I felt it was my duty to pass along info when I got it. In time, I learned when the impression would come unsolicited, I could internally ASK FOR MORE INFO about that person or situation. More info would come, which would then be FILTERED thru my own expectations and beliefs. I’d tell friends and even a few strangers where I was dining — who wouldn’t want to know to be careful bc a mishap or a diagnosis was on its way? When I grew up and needed less attention, I finally got that IF THEY’RE NOT ASKING FOR IT, keep it to myself.   Continue reading

Do ghosts come to me in a dream?

I was on a walk and came upon a fallen motorcyclist. I helped him up. He was disoriented. I said let’s move your bike out of the road. He asked am I dead? I said you don’t appear to be. There was a lot of mist and we were under a streetlight so the light was diffused and really bright for like the distance of a block. I got turned around and didn’t know which way we were walking and didn’t see a street sign. He said help me retrace my steps for the keys. We went back toward the light and again as we approached the streetlamp we saw a fallen motorcyclist in the road next to the first bike. He was dazed. He left his bike where it fell. They did not appear to notice each other. He couldn’t find his phone to call her, she’s pregnant. My phone was gone. As the mist burned off I saw another fallen cyclist, who got up and walked over with a limp. 
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The March 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

March 2022

The March 2022 Horizons is now online at Click here for the March 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes

ARIES – (March 19 – April 18)
Dynamic, enterprising, even passionate at the beginning of the month, you do not lack the fuel to accomplish what you have in mind. From the 20th onwards, the Sun will boost your energy and allow you to wait without losing power or morale. You express your originality and difference, and you get the necessary means, but beware of the damage if you go too far and are too directive. You deploy a great deal of energy to improve your social status but do not rush headlong into it. Combine strength and caution, intuition, firepower, and intuitive resources to move forward without overstepping the mark.   Continue reading

The January 2022 Horizons is now online, here are the horoscopes

The January mag is now online at Click here for the January 2022 Horizons. Here are the horoscopes. (Ignore where it says 10-21 upon loading, this is the January 2022 mag)

Aries – (March 19 – April 18)
Always effective, but sometimes excessive! You may be more than perfect; you trigger jealousies, so close your eyes or turn a deaf ear. May you actually need to increase your income or your network on the internet? Do not worry, small difficulties fade. So, you will really find the power to act without too much obstacle. Indeed, your energy comes back and you have to face the facts, you take a lot of initiatives. This helps you to conclude quickly and well, everything you do. If you wish to entrust a secret to someone, you only have to choose from. Among all trusted friends around you there are many who are willing to go to the fire for you. From the 23rd to the 25th, avoid being stubborn for an unimportant detail. Continue reading

Why am I sharing Ching Ching Ching Goes The Money Tree Mantra?

I posted a few versions of this MONEY MANTRA on Facebook since real life friends have been having success stories. I have them show me their evidence before I count their story as true: a copy of the refund check they received, the bonus, the deposit into their bank, the transmittal letter. Half of them were long time clients, so I knew their financial “before” situation. When I’m working with someone to increase their income, I initially have them send me their last few tax returns and then their monthly bank statements.  That’s how we track progress in real time, There’ve been 4 so far who’ve received out of the blue windfalls. They said the only thing they did differently was sing this mantra until it got stuck in their head.

The thing is, tho, by having the words running subconsciously, they’re entertaining the idea that it could be true for them. That heightens their expectation and belief and lowers their resistance as far as what is possible for them. It opens their eyes to opportunities they may have overlooked before. Something they previously thought they couldn’t obtain, now seemed attainable. Expecting money out of the blue now seemed possible. Coincidence? Maybe. Try it and you tell me.  Continue reading