Andrea’s September 2021 Editorial

Andrea de Michaelis

Hello and welcome to the SEPT 2021 issue of Horizons Magazine. This time last year I was pouring over seed catalogs and deciding what to plant in October when it cools off. Tomatoes, collards, kale and peppers for vegetables; Thai, lemon and holy basils, rosemary and parsley for herbs and I began dozens of sunflowers. My entire back porch turned into a greenhouse for seedlings and garden supplies and I was out there all hours.

By July this year, 8 months later, the tomatoes and peppers were almost done, the herbs and collards still going strong. It was a rewarding project but a lot of work. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have begun a vegetable garden at the same time I was transplanting dozens of tree saplings to my west yard for privacy from the new home built next door. But it paid off because now, just one year later, there’s a line of trees and bushes giving us privacy between our properties, and my west yard is lush and green again. 

I was initially bummed that the property sold and that they were building on it. I was further bummed when the City made me clear 20ft of my north and west boundary lines to let the builder’s machines in. There were dozens of oak and pine trees within that 20ft easement, so I felt exposed and bare.

To feel better, I knew I had to turn my attention to something happier.

I began planning how to replant the area they cleared since now I literally had a blank slate.

I began thinking what kind of neighbor I wanted as well. Someone who likes privacy and gives it, someone interested in caring for the land, someone pleasant. That could take many forms. I’m happy with the new neighbor. We keep to ourselves and help each other out – he has a fish tank and I have the perfect well water for it. A new build, he has City water. We trade cooking tips. I knew it would work out, although I didn’t know HOW it would work out. I just trusted it would because past experience tells me I always find a way to be happy.

I learned long ago that wherever I find myself, I can look around and find clues and opportunities. Or I can let my self talk run the old tape of “Where’s my good stuff? It never works out for me.”

I know my good stuff is on its way to me once I stop running the program that says it’s not here yet.

And where will this good stuff come from?
Why, from wherever it is right now.

I don’t need to know where it’s coming from. I don’t need a chance to say “no one’s leaving me any money.” It can come out of the blue.

And for that matter, we can stop lamenting that we’re unable to make a living doing what we love. Just begin doing what you love and be so involved in the loving of it and watch your life begin shifting. Watch other opportunities for sources of income appear for you and appeal to you, while you continue doing what you love.

And as far as romantic love?

You’re going to fall in love with a lot of people in your lifetime, even years, decades after you think you’ve had your final love affair. Not every partner is meant to stay forever. Be prepared for them to arrive unexpectedly and leave unexpectedly.

Just because they leave doesn’t mean you can’t remain the best of friends.

Just because you’re best friends doesn’t mean you should be lovers or that you should be married.

There’s no such thing as lifelong security, partners can change their mind when you least expect it.

My own mind is always subject to change upon evolution of consciousness.

Don’t be anxious to take things to the next level.
Make the best of where you are right now.

Let it be okay to be alone, too because you will have years of that. If you learn to love it all, you will always have love in your life.

Enjoy our offering.
Hari Om