Don’t worry about WHERE the money will come from

In a session with a friend last nite I was asked a typical question: “Where will the money for a new house come from?” This question is always asked from the standpoint of a certain level of understanding. The good news is our understanding is always upgraded with every new bit of knowledge. FIRST, discard the idea of what you can and cannot make money doing and discard the idea that you need to know WHERE the money is going to come from. It’ll come from wherever it is right now. Don’t wrack your brain tryna figure out how or from where. 

At this point in your life you’ve developed some skill and figured out some way to support yourself and, if not, first prioritize attracting steady, lifetime income. Don’t know what you want to do? Then THAT’S your new priority: Find what I want to do to ensure steady, lifetime income. Who’s having fun and making money doing something I’d like to do?

As soon as you identify WHAT you want then you’ll begin attracting examples of it. Studying those doing that thing, how does it feel? Do you want to feel like that? Can you imagine what it feels like? Bask in that feeling. When you want it enough to feel the desire for it flowing thru you, that’s when you’ll begin attracting more choices to you.

As soon as you identify WHERE you want the money to go is when you’ll start seeing it. That’s when you’ll begin to see opportunities you missed before. As soon as you identify THIS is what I want, you’ll begin to see so much opportunity. When you feel the desire for it flowing thru you, that’s when you’ve harnessed the energy to fuel what you want into being.

I learned much later that I’d settled for so little until I realized I was in charge of what I attracted into my experience. Then I began thinking bigger and my life and career and relationships all expanded like crazy. Thinking bigger works differently for everyone but that’s how you upgrade your level of understanding. And once you upgrade your level of understanding, you’ll no longer worry about WHERE it will come from.