The July 2017 Horizons is now online, here are the Horoscopes

The July 2017 Horizons is now online — now in flipbook format — at  We are honored to have nationally known Maya White doing the monthly horoscopes. Maya White is a Master Destination Astrologer and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology which helps people find their perfect place on earth for love, prosperity, and personal growth.

Maya White
Maya White

Visit Maya’s website and for an introduction to Maya White, read here  Contact her and ask what she might do for you.  Here are this month’s horoscopes:

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) You are called by your courage this month, Aries. Your fearless nature will be tested as your ruing planet, Mars, interacts with Pluto (July 2nd) and Uranus (July 17). Do whatever you must to maintain balance and stability; this includes healthy food, moderate exercise, and getting enough rest. Being centered and grounded is your key to success. Name it, claim it; and step up to the plate.   

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19) Your finances come together nicely this month, Taurus. Venus holds court in your 2nd house of money, and Jupiter (finally moving direct) stabilizes your 6th house of work and service; both are pathways to predictable income for you.  There will be moments when you have to move through your own inertia, but do not let the words, and especially the fears of others, slow your progress. Rock on!

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19) This is a good month for you, Gemini. It might be a bit scary because you are ready to make some hard decisions. But, honestly, you’re ready, and it’s not like this is anything new.  This is 8th house stuff; wrapped up to look like money and/or love.  But, it’s really about taking your power back. Now you get to make up the rules to your own game of Life. What story will you write next?

Cancer(June 20 – July 21) Things happen fast this month, Cancer. There will be last minute decisions to be made which have lasting consequences. Know that you are surrounded by a grace and embraced in the support of your family. Better get a pair of roller skates so you can move fast, and keep yourself strong and grounded through a daily practice of meditation and balanced lifestyle.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21) Now you know, Leo. Mysteries that were previously tangled up in layers of intrigue are finally solved. And, you happily put the remaining puzzle pieces in place. July is a month for consolidation as we all prepare for the Great American Eclipse of August 21st.  The eclipse functions like a re-set button for you; it turns the lights out on dark parts of your past and illuminates a bright, new future.

 Virgo – (August 22 – September 21) Embrace your Inner Child now – he or she is actually growing up, and has a contribution to make. Like the Lotus, there is a beautiful flower that is ready to bloom. And, like the Lotus, born from the mud of your unfilled desires, this seed has been nurtured in the recesses of your kind soul and has now reached a state of maturity. Paint and create in beautiful color and Light, Virgo. Express Yourself.

 Libra – (September 22 – October 21) Any questions left over from last month will be clearly answered by July 17th  when Mars squares Uranus and Venus squares Neptune – on the same day. This is a core power turning point month for you, Libra. It’s an opportunity to go deeply into the recesses of your history and emerge victorious with a prize that is beyond all earthly treasure – your inner gold and Diamond Light.

 Scorpio – (October 22 – November 20) You will be called to take some decisive steps this month, Scorpio. Both of your co-ruling planets are activated; the full moon of July 8th joins Pluto, and Mars is putting the pressure on as he wades through Cancer. This is not about total transformation or drama; rather, think of it as assigning a new name to an old friend. You are being urged to revitalize something that is old, and make it new.

Sagittarius – (November 21– December 19) July promises to be an inspiring and energetic month- if you play your cards right. There is a lot of ‘noise’ out there in the form of minor irritations and problems that seem bigger than they really are. If you allow these to take you off course, it’ll feel like just another month on the merry-go-round. However, IF you buckle down and get real, you’ll emerge as the hero of your own story.

Capricorn – (December 20 – January 18) With the full moon of July 8th in your sign, this is a very important month for you, Capricorn. As Mars entices the role of ‘other’, you may feel called to please someone else. But, the truth is: only you can make yourself whole. Pluto was known to the ancients as a ‘Gatekeeper’. Allow him to work his magic as you meet your future self.

Aquarius – (January 19 – February 17) So much is revealed to you in this merry month of July! People will think that you have eyes in the back of your head, or that you’ve activated psychic superpowers. Actually, both have merit. You easily read between the lines, Aquarius. There may be a disillusionment that comes with the full moon of July 8th. Understand that there was something destructive about this relationship, and it has served its purpose.

Pisces – (February 18 – March 19) Yours is a mutable sign noted for having many options and being able to navigate under any conditions. Jupiter and Venus want to help you maintain that edge this month. But you must also transverse the shallows of desire and uncertainty; and both take you off-course by presenting too many possibilities. We are often advised to ‘live in the moment’, but right now, the stars urge you to think about your future.


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