A head cold and fever induced dream

3:00am Panic stricken and frantic to find a ride home! That’s how I felt in the dream I just woke up from. I’ve had a head cold since midnight Friday and knew when I woke up I must have a fever. It’s the only time I get troubled dreams. Except for when the hospital gives me Dilaudid. My fever was only 99.3 but that was enough. I’d been riding in a car with real life soul brother Robert Pheiff at the wheel. He was pointing out the sights as we passed them. We came to a town and parked to visit at a house where there was a small party. When I was ready to leave, I looked through all the rooms and on the grounds and could not find him. I called his phone number and we had a bad connection so he couldn’t hear me. A friend handed me a present and inside was another phone, It did me no good since his number was not programmed into it and my phone had disappeared when I grasped the new one. A young woman was willing to help me, she gave me a ride where there were more phones, and she asked if anyone else could give me a ride. Finally a call went through and he was on his way back. I tried to be patient while waiting for him but I was in a very anxious and panic stricken frame of mind. I remembered that sometimes I dream about being lost in a building with many doors, but it’s never a panicky dream. When I remembered that, I woke up.

A head cold and fever induced dream
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