The giant headcold of February 2015

The giant headcold began on Thursday, January 29th at 9:00pm when I woke up with a sore throat. I’ve since learned that some friends have the same thing and it may hang on for a month.  That’s good to know so i won’t fret when it’s not gone right away.  I kept a diary of my headcold on Facebook and share it with you here: 

Thursday January 29 at 9:00pm Woke up with sore throat — wah! I’m camped out in the recliner with the heating pad and Throat Coat tea, as well as Chloraseptic Spray and vitamin C.  An excuse for chicken noodle soup and lounging around.

ACFFriday January 30 at 8:00am  Traci DiCaprio told me about Buried Treasure ACF Fast Relief Immune Formula and I waited in the parking lot until the health food store opened and bought a bottle. It has great reviews.  I begin taking it within a few hours of waking up with a sore throat. I can feel it working!

Jan 30th at 11:00 am MMM I think the Buried Treasure ACF Fast Relief Immune Formula is already working. I’m in the office to do a little billing while waiting for Pence Septic to come pump out my tanks. I love it when service people show up on time.  Their crew was friendly and fast, in and out in 90 minutes, both tanks pumped for $345.

Jan 30th at 5:00pm  We have now reached the clogged sinuses portion of the cold. The throat feels a little better but I fell asleep and woke up drowning in my own post nasal drip. Nice.  I made yom yum broth and drank an orange tangerine juice box.

Jan 30th 9:45pm Throat feels a little better but head is way filled and draining. I’m camped out in the recliner with head raised.

Jan 31 at 5:00am  I woke up headachy with stuffed head and sinuses draining — a fave combo! — but sore throat GONE! Thank you Traci Dicaprio for telling me to get the Buried Treasure ACF Fast Acting Immune Formula yesterday when I woke up feeling miserable. Giant turn around in how I feel compared to 24 hours ago

Saturday Jan 31 at 6:00am  Breaking news on the headcold front: major phlegm migration — crystal clear means no infection. Best of all — I can breathe and headache is subsiding. I wanted to walk thru Candyce Stafford’s Mystic Faire today at the Melbourne Auditorium. Mouth breathing, I sound like Darth Vader.

Jan 31 at noon  Ok, bills are finally in the mail! My throat is no longer sore, but the cold is moving between my head and my chest. My voice sounds like Barry White and I bark like a seal when I cough. On the up side, my hair looks great and it’s warm and sunny outside. I won’t be going anywhere today tho.

Jan 31 at 4:00pm  Finally left the house. Went to Publix with the man. A woman left her purse in a shopping cart in the parking lot so we took it inside. I hope she finds it. The man told me he was going to the store and at the last minute I told him I wanted to go, He was almost there but drove back to get me. That put him parking at her shopping cart before anyone could see it had a purse in it. Nice synchronicity!

7:00 pm  I called Publix and was told the woman came in to reclaim her purse and was so excited and appreciative it was there!

Sunday Feb 1 at 8:24am  My cold is now migrating between head and chest but YAY for sore throat gone. The cold is on its way out so today I’m just treating symptoms so I don’t drown myself or leave a snail trail everywhere I go. Mucinex, Benadryl, and Phenylephrine, which is supposed to be a decongestant which I had on hand,but it might be old cuz it’s not working well… Daena Croghan said Sudaphed was the best for that so I ran right out and bought some! I always forget that part about resting when I have a cold. I’m too busy washing all the fabric I touch and wiping down all the surfaces with disinfectant cleaner.

Feb 1 at 1:00pm Deb Strasser picked up magazines from me to take to the Mystic Faire.   Deb writes the Solar and Lunar calendar for Horizons Magazine.

Feb 1 at 2:00pm  I’ve been up 90 minutes. The sunshine is pouring thru the office window. I walked outside and sat with the kitties for awhile in the courtyard. This cold is on its way out but has me down for the count, fer shizzle. Yay for having a healthy body and strong constitution so this merely knocks me for a short while. And yay for it happening on days I can take off work!

Feb 1 at 7pm  It’s a different kind of meditation when I’m taking meds for a headcold. The sounds in my head increase as I tune into the sinuses singing. As I breathe prana thru the nostrils, I feel detached, as if the giant thunderhead is not a part of me. When the nostrils clog up and I breathe thru my mouth, I feel my consciousness rise outside the body, observing its aches and pains without being too involved in it. Until the next breath.

Feb 1 at 5pm  Was craving ice cream so I pulled a ripe banana and ripe nectarine out of the freezer and mixed with a little orange juice, cinnamon and almond milk. Close enuff. I chop ripe fruit and stick it in the freezer to use for smoothies and frozen snacks.

Monday Feb 2 at midnight Breathing out of both nostrils rocks!

Feb 2 at 8am  A head cold and fever induced dream

Monday Feb 2 at 10:00pm  We have now reached the chest rattling portion of the cold, with intermittent breathing. I bet I wake up in the morning and it’s over. It’s either that or all the cold meds I’ve been taking are all activating at once and I’m hallucinating the road to recovery (hehe that was it.)

Feb 3 at 2:00 am It’s now been 73 hours and the feeling icky portion of the giant headcold has passed, right on time. Now I can watch the congestion bounce from sinus to chest without being knocked out by it. I keep track of my cold as it happens so I can remember it, since the cold meds keep me stoned. I’d feel I’d lost three days if I couldn’t read about it here

Feb 3 at 6:00am  the Buried Treasure ACF, 2 tbsp every 4 hours had my sore throat gone thr next day, still taking it with mucinex cough every 4-6, sudaphed every 4-6, alternating with alka seltzer plus every 4-6. The sudaphed is what knocks me out. The ACF has all the herbs and minerals, altho I take a Centrum Silver twice a day as well. I’ve still got it but no longer feel like death warmed over. The coughing is a bitch! If ya do oxygen, keep it handy! I only twice checked for a temp and only had 99.3 for a few hours the second day. I take the mucinex and sudaphed cough together to amplify the expectorant which is guanesfin, I’ve used walmart generic mucinex also, works the same half the cost. It’s called Mucous Cough Relief and its oike 400 mg guanesifn here’s my pist last time i had a cold in 2009

Feb 3 at 6:45 am  An hour late for morning meditation, spent listening to my sinuses sing and my breathing rattle, and being grateful this cold is on the way out! I ended with two minutes on the exercise bike, which was as much aerobics as I can handle right now. The heavy breathing brings on the coughing, which helps clear out the congestion.

Feb 4 at 7:45am  I’m awake! I’m breathing! At this moment, my head is clear. I can tell I’ve still got a rattle going inside the chest but it hasn’t woken up yet. I’m either almost over this cold or else the last doses of antihistamine and decongestant haven’t worn off yet. Time to celebrate!

Feb 4th at 11am  As the antihistamines wear off and the sniffling and coughing begins, I see I still have the cold but at least I feel better and have been sleeping it off. And I wondered how much vitamin C I could take before reaching tolerance and it seems 10,000 mg might be it.

Feb 4 at 1:00pm The antihistamine and cough suppressant I took at 10:30pm last night have worn off but I’m not ready to take another dose. I still feel buzzed from the last dose and I want to give my system a break before bombarding it again. At this point, I’m just managing my symptoms, keeping myself from drowning in my own amrita. What a meditation on my own physical integrity it is, watching this cold move thru me. The body is amazing in its healing capacity, it takes care of biznez!

Feb 4 at 5pm A great four hour nap! It’s been 19 hours since I last took Sudaphed and Mucinex, so am hoping one last dose will knock this stuff out of my head and chest. I even got work done today, was worried the cold meds would dumb down the spidey sense on a reading, but apparently I aced it. Never doubt spirit will speak thru you if you trust enuff to simply show up and breathe.

Feb 4 at 9:30 pm Ugh giant sinus headache so I fInally caved and took two Sudaphed, icepack on face and drInking decaf to knock it out quick. I feel like a biology project.

Thursday Feb 5 at 6:00am Day 6 of the head and chest cold but feeling good as it moves thru me. The body sleeps a few hours then is up a few then back to sleep. I work from home, so am able to get it done little by little, nothing that requires math or full attention. I love a grey, drizzly day for cozying up inside and doing internal work.

Feb 5 at 6:00pm  Just dashed to Walgreens for refills on Alka Seltzer Plus Nighttime and Sudaphed Cough. The man offered to go for me but I knew I’d want to read and compare every label again so I spared him. Since I get hay fever, I keep all sorts of generic antihistamines and cough suppresants on hand, so I only needed expectorants and decongestants. He didn’t need to sit thru hearing all that.

One cool thing about a head and chest cold is zero appetite. I can base a meal around nutrition input only: a bag of salad, a chunk of protein. Having it dumbed down shows me how much I am a slave to my daily appetites. Food for thought.

After Note.  All in all, I was real low energy for 12 days but only had a sore throat 36 hours and was only knocked out by it for 4 days.

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