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Stop being afraid of UFOs

ufosFirst of all, UFO doesn’t mean spaceship. UFO means “something is airborne and we don’t know what it is until further investigation.” It could be a comet, it could be debris, it could be an optics error. Even if it is visitors from another planet/ galaxy/ dimension, It’s time we accept UFOs and stop being afraid of them. We let tv tell us who to be afraid of with scary stories. All life forms are precious and permitted by God to exist. Equal love for all! And you know what? If we’re wrong and they laser blast us on sight, all we’ll drop is this one body for this one lifetime. These are just our physical bodies , “we” survive in consciousness after death of the body.

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We must know Who we are to navigate our world

bamboo water stones text

We meditate to discover who we really/essentially are, what we’re capable of and what is possible. Only when we begin to know who we are, can we correctly interpret the circumstances and events we find ourselves in. Until then, we’ll imagine wrongs and slights that only exist to a limited mind. These words came to me as I contemplated Frank DeMarco’s lines, “If you do not understand your internal life, you cannot understand your external life. To find your place in the world, you use clues from one to illuminate the other.”

Frank DeMarco Dialogues with The Guys Upstairs

Frank DeMarco“Your life has meaning, and with sincere effort you can find that meaning.” All your difficulties in 3D life could be seen as stemming from your misapprehension of your true condition. To the degree that you “see” [intuit, sense] your true position, your anxieties disappear, and with them, your problems. Then (only) do you see rather than hope that “All is well, all is always well.” If you do not know what you are, how can you know what is happening around you? If you do not understand your “internal” life, you cannot understand your “external” life, and if you cannot use clues from one to illuminate the other, you have little ability to find your place in the world.   In his blog, DeMarco discusses exploration with the non-physical world and his sessions of communication with disembodied entities he calls “TGU — the Guys Upstairs.”  Visit  –>
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Game of Thrones?

It’s all about perspective. A friend from the UK writes, “Just about to download the latest episode of Game Of Thrones – all about a land in turmoil, with multiple factions fighting each other, the unstoppable onward march of a zombie army and winter and darkness on the way – it’s nice to have a bit of light relief from reality.”  This references those who voted to leave the European Union but I was glad for the Game of Thrones recap. Friends watch it and the previews don’t appeal to me. Now I know why. People wonder why their lives are not filled with Love and Light. If they’d take their attention off turmoil (real or movies and tv) they’d stop resonating in harmony with conflict. When they stop resonating with conflict, conflict will slowly drop from their own personal lives.

Sometimes the kindest thing to do is not answer the survey

customer-surveyI attracted confusion at the post office this morning. I love and appreciate our postal system: it’s fast, it’s safe, it’s affordable, it has always been good to me.
He: Your prices are wrong on this form.
Me: I’ve been using these prices the last 6 months, price list January 2016.
He: I’ll write the new prices down for your job. You have to fix it and come back.
Me: Can you give me a sheet with all the new prices?
He: I’ll just write down the ones you need.
Me: Can you please tell me where to find the form you are looking at on your computer so I can look them up myself next time?
He: No, you don’t have access to what I have in my computer.
Me: Can you tell me the name of it? Can you print out that page for me?
He: It is the Ratefold 123. It’s this thick (holding fingers a half inch apart.)      Continue reading

I got called for jury duty

I was called to jury duty this week for the first time in 20 years and was pretty excited to do it. I’m always up early and it would be a fun break in the day.  I’d carefully packed my purse to go thru the metal detector, forgetting that instead of a bulky plastic hair brush I’d opted for a small flat hair pick — with metal prongs. It got confiscated. Phooey! I was surprised I didn’t know more people in the jury pool since there were about 100 there.  At 10 a.m. they’d called names for two jury pools, but we were not in those groups. I got called the same day as a girlfriend so we had a chance to catch up and do the jury duty adventure together. Waiting for jury duty, I thought it’d be fun to play some spidey sense games. When they were calling names for the second jury pool, I turned to my friend and said to her “You’ll be the 5th name called.” They didn’t call her (Ellen) but number 5 was Ellie sitting right next to her. So no, I can’t count that as a hit. Most jurors were glued to their phones, three had hard copy books and magazines and only two sets of people are talking face to face.  I found an outlet to charge the phone and sat facing a giant map of the world on the wall. I took time while I charged my phone to study it and do the meditation where you are breathing in the troubles of the world and offering them up to God, breathing down God’s love and breathing it out into the world. I figure if I’m trapped here I have to make use of what’s in front of me. Here’s the meditation –> A Meditation To Help Transmute the Suffering Of The World

At 11:20 a.m.  I got released

Your misdeeds affect your loved ones

dominoes redSome are being betrayed by having FB friends with fake profiles give info to exes they have blocked. If they only knew the karma they were bringing down upon themselves and their loved ones by doing it, they’d stop. This isn’t what they want to put in motion — sudden chaos around them, they get sick, their kids get in accidents or their parents lose everything. Everything is related. As soon as they stop, it takes a little while for the momentum to catch up, depending on how much they’ve put in motion, but it will be over soon. Everything we do affects every other area of our life, whether we believe it or not.  Send out what you want you and your loved ones to get back. Because it’s on its way.

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Your misdeeds affect your loved ones
Building momentum
Riding Out Past Momentum
Factoring in past momentum
Creating Momentum To Move In A New Direction
The process to gather momentum and amplify attraction power
Turn your attention elsewhere and stop creating more karma
When your karma visits your loved ones, you can help them by cutting out your nonsense and cleaning up your past
If you’re being blocked, look for unresolved issues to clear
When you’re doing all the “right” things and still get hit by karma, that’s past momentum
You destroy the chance for your future by not clearing up your past

A story about perception

Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

Twenty years ago I applied to have my home refinanced. At one point the inspector came out to the house to look around inside. He noticed my meditation altar and the photos of Sathya Sai Baba in each of the rooms. He told me his brother was a devotee and we had a short discussion about it. I went back to work in my office and he back to his inspection. Suddenly I heard a crash and yelled out, “Don’t worry I can pick that up later.” He came out and he was very cool and distant the rest of the visit. I didn’t think much of it and went back to work. It wasn’t until hours later I remembered the crash and went into the room to see what it was. Apparently when he opened the closet door, it caught on the zipper of my husband’s duffle bag. He’d moved out of town a year earlier, storing his belongings in my back bedroom. It unzipped and all the contents fell onto the floor. The contents were his video porn collection, you know the kind with the scantily clad naughty nurse, etc. on the cover? I smiled that the inspector said nothing to me before he left. I bet his perception of me changed a few times between the time he stepped inside and the time he left.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.