I got called for jury duty

I was called to jury duty this week for the first time in 20 years and was pretty excited to do it. I’m always up early and it would be a fun break in the day.  I’d carefully packed my purse to go thru the metal detector, forgetting that instead of a bulky plastic hair brush I’d opted for a small flat hair pick — with metal prongs. It got confiscated. Phooey! I was surprised I didn’t know more people in the jury pool since there were about 100 there.  At 10 a.m. they’d called names for two jury pools, but we were not in those groups. I got called the same day as a girlfriend so we had a chance to catch up and do the jury duty adventure together. Waiting for jury duty, I thought it’d be fun to play some spidey sense games. When they were calling names for the second jury pool, I turned to my friend and said to her “You’ll be the 5th name called.” They didn’t call her (Ellen) but number 5 was Ellie sitting right next to her. So no, I can’t count that as a hit. Most jurors were glued to their phones, three had hard copy books and magazines and only two sets of people are talking face to face.  I found an outlet to charge the phone and sat facing a giant map of the world on the wall. I took time while I charged my phone to study it and do the meditation where you are breathing in the troubles of the world and offering them up to God, breathing down God’s love and breathing it out into the world. I figure if I’m trapped here I have to make use of what’s in front of me. Here’s the meditation –> A Meditation To Help Transmute the Suffering Of The World

At 11:20 a.m.  I got released

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